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Feature request: Screen reader accessibility improvements

Please, would it be doable to add a few additional accessibility features to the Android version?
Playback screen does not use native controls on android thus is not going to be accessible. In the tools menu there are buttons for controlling playback such as play / pause, previous / next, stop. I am unable to find a control that will allow me to revind or forward within the playing track. I think slider would be most natural control for this as using the buttons does not allow quickly finding a position within a long mix.
By looking at widgets I have discovered there are 1X1 button widgets and revind / fast forward buttons are there so this can be at least partially worked around with additional setup.
While adding widgets there are two steps involved. First step is native android selection where we can choose whether to add album art, button or mini player. The second step is foobar 2000 specific. The screen has a text like this on the top "Tap to choose a foobar2000 widget". The widgets on this screen are not clearly labelled and what these are doing can only be guessed or checked with advanced tools by looking at the resource IDs of the controls. These are widget_previous, widget_next, widget_revind, widget_fastforward and so on. Also in the mini player category of widgets: widget_miniplayer, widget_npinfo, widget_npinfo_text, widget_aa_buttons, widget_buttons, widget_miniplayer_slim, widget_npinfo_slim, widget_npinfo_text_slim, widget_aa_buttons_slim
When looking at functional miniplayer widget placed on the screen, the controls are also not described clearly: image_album_art, button_previous, button_playpause, button_next. Would it be possible to add contentDescription to these as well?
For album art image I'd put something like open Foobar 2000 window or something to that effect as that's the action of that control when tapped.

So again in simpler words there are two things I'd like to improve:
* Add a seek control accessible to screen reader users
* Polish widget selection controls and widget buttons to include meaningfull contentDescription for screen reader users.

I apologize, perhaps a similar improvements would be welcomed for the IOS version as well, however I don't have an IOS device to test.

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Re: Feature request: Screen reader accessibility improvements

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Also stop after current is not accessible as it's only available on the skinnable playback screen.
Would you consider adding it to the Tools menu please?


Re: Feature request: Screen reader accessibility improvements

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In the iOS version the "Now Playing" screen is completely inaccessible, in fact, if you reach that screen with VoiceOver active, there is no way of leaving it, you have to close the app and restart it to be able to do anything. The app is accessible otherwise.