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Please see the attachment showing unexpectedly high measured averaged  levels for the subjectively quieter "needle new"  file as opposed to the measured lower values for the ELP file..
As mentioned in my previous post, the files are not meant to be ABXed. People who want to do so feel free to make any adjustment they like to the files.
General Audio / Re: Mp3 320 k/bits VS. AAC Itunes Plus?
Last post by Tom white -
After 5 tests I got only one wrong proving I could tell a difference.
This is hardly proof.

Please do not post about quality differences between codecs until you have sufficient test results.

You need to increase the number of tests to at least 10 or 12.  Please read the link I gave you.

Sorry for digging up this old post, but I was searching for something and it came up. I've browsed these forums time to time over the years, and the same impression keeps coming to my mind - That this forum is not the most welcoming of outside views.

I've seen this same moderator tell people their "lyin' ears" can't be used to determine what sounds better to them, but the only way to make that determination is with a DBT.

So, the poster then does a DBT, only to be told by this moderator that (since his views differed from the mod's) that, well you just didn't do enough of them!

It would seem to me, the prevailing "rules" of this place is if your findings disagree with what this mod believes, you are wrong. No ifs, ans, or buts. You are wrong until you agree with him and his minions.

Again, I have seen this attitude over, and over, and over on this site. To me, it is very condescending.

So (I probably don't really need to ask for this, after what I've just stated) could the lords of all sound here please delete my account, and I'll just find a place that is more welcoming of differing views, and that allows people to trust their ears without being put down for it.

Without a music-free noise fingerprint to use for decrackling
Here you are. Maybe it was the studio's fault to not equipped with a semiconductor fab like cleanroom to use the ELP. We did clean the vinyls but they were not immediately dry after vacuuming, we usually put them aside for several hours so they become dry enough to put into the ELP or the Stantons (didn't heard about the wet playing trick :P ). We also digitized vintage tapes so stuff like tape particles and mold could contaminate the cleaned vinyls again.

Thanks again.

Please see the attachment showing unexpectedly high measured averaged  levels for the subjectively quieter "needle new"   file as opposed to the measured lower values for the ELP file..
Opus / Re: Opus - CBR or VBR ?
Last post by lithopsian -
From the spec: "Opus is more efficient when operating with variable bitrate (VBR), which is the default."

SILK (low bitrate/speech) is specifically designed for VBR, and the CBR setting is very much bolted on. CELT (music/high bitrates) is designed as a CBR codec, but is capable for varying the bitrate frame by frame so it operates seamlessly in VBR mode. With the encoder features for detecting transients and tonality that require additional bitrate to avoid audible artifacts, VBR is always preferable. CBR is included for certain applications that require fixed frame sizes or frame sizes that do not depend on the input signal (eg. encrypted streams). Constrained VBR mode is recommended for low-latency transmissions over slow connections, and simulates a bit-reservoir codec like AAC although it doesn't need to formally use a bit reservoir.
I created de-tic'd versions of the samples, so I'm providing them here in case anyone wants to ABX them.

Let me start by admitting that it was not worth the inordinate amount of time it would take to de-tic the quiet section at the beginning of the sample from the ELP laser turntable. Without a music-free noise fingerprint to use for decrackling, it would take several hours of painstaking manual editing, and even then the results would probably not be competely tic-free. So the de-tic'd samples here contain only the louder sections. But I think they are still pertinent to the point I was trying to make, which is that they are easily ABXable without the tell-tale tics. I attach my own ABX log.

First, please note the attachment showing potentially audible differences in the normal audible range, varying up to several dB   between the Laser1 and needle1 files, named accordingly. R and G relate to the red lines and the green lines, respectively, with red being the needle1 file and green being the laser1 file.

Second, please note the corresponding ABX log whose name also indicates the range of times  that I (sucessfully) ABXed. 

My subjective opinion is that the differences in the timbre of the cymbal crash was a pretty obvious "tell".
Opus / Re: Opus - CBR or VBR ?
Last post by Deathcrow -
VBR, I'd only ever use CBR if there's some technical reason that prevents me from using variable bitrate.
SDK 2015-08-03, pfc/utf8.cpp:
Code: [Select]
unsigned strcpy_utf8_truncate(const char * src,char * out,unsigned maxbytes)
unsigned rv = 0 , ptr = 0;
if (maxbytes>0)
maxbytes--;//for null
while(!check_end_of_string(src) && maxbytes>0)
            t_size delta = utf8_char_len(src);
            if (delta>maxbytes || delta==0) break;
                out[ptr++] = *(src++);
            } while(--delta);
rv = ptr;
return rv;
maxbytes is not decreased during the execution.

Possible fix:
Code: [Select]
            if (delta>maxbytes || delta==0) break;
+            maxbytes -= delta;
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / v0.9.2
Last post by TheQwertiest -
Version: 0.9.2
  • Added ability to configure anchor point in skin.xml (see below).
  • Added ability to display anchor point on skin (see config page).
  • Fixed inability to evaluate foobar2000 queries in skin.xml, when there is no song playing.
  • Fixed memory leak.

Anchors specific position of skin to display. When skin size changes, anchor stays on the same place (relative to display), meaning that the skin will expand or contract only in non anchored directions (see showcase below).
Default anchor position type: Top | Left.

Code: [Select]
<skin author="$author" name="$name" width="$width" height="$height" anchor_type="%anchor_type">
Where %anchor_type is one or the comma separated combination of the following: "Left", "Right", "Top", "Bottom", "Center".

Code: [Select]
<skin author="author" name="name" width="256" height="256" anchor_type="Top,Left">
Showcase (with anchor point displayed):
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by 3dyd -
Ok. For some context menu items one track is a reasonable maximum, but "Copy URL" is definitely not one of them.
"It was good to listen to for lengthy periods of time too, as your brain is not working as hard to fill in the gaps that lossy transmission or streaming involves to imagine the quality degradation and horrible artifacts which aren't there."
"Textures can often seem more limited" - oh, the textures, they're all gone. (((
"you get no sense of the room in which it was recorded - in short something’s missing..." - I know that feeling... DSD512 kinda helps here, but not by a lot. Need to wait for technology to mature.