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.m2ts to uncompressed .avi ?


I'm looking for a software to convert .m2ts files to uncompressed .avi.

(something free or cheap)

Thank you for your help.

.m2ts to uncompressed .avi ?

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I don't know much about re/de/muxing etc.

Does it produce uncompressed avi ?

.m2ts to uncompressed .avi ?

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I don't know much about re/de/muxing etc.

In plain words, that is the process of taking the audio and/or video streams (and/or subtitles) out of one container format and putting them into another, without doing the actual encoding.

Does it produce uncompressed avi ?

Something like this?
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.m2ts to uncompressed .avi ?

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The procedure I suggest would be (assuming you are on windows), also assuming that file is mute, since you didn't mention any audio;

a. load your file via avisynth frameserver
b. Things went wrong? yes: Do a mediainfo on the file and google based on what is in there, no: goto c.
c. load that avisynth into virtualdub, save as avi.

Both avisynth and virtualdub are free/os.

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