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CD/DVD Drive Accuracy List 2013

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Thanks - a really interesting insight.

I have one of the best drives at (Plextor PC-130A:  98.9%) and the worst (HL-DT-ST - GSA-H62L: 89.7%).  While I have found a few CDs that I can only rip properly with the Plextor, most of my CDs are either accurately rip-able on both or neither.

I appreciate this is just anecdotal, but just a reminder that a good drive helps, but is not a panacea!

CD/DVD Drive Accuracy List 2013

Reply #2 2007 TSSTCorp drive isn't on the list, but a closely related one scored 96% accuracy...better than I would have expected.

CD/DVD Drive Accuracy List 2013

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is there some background to this survey that is not covered in the link?

I mean. What do they mean? Does 98.0% accuracy mean that as many as 1 in 50 rips will have at least 1 bit in error?  Are these bits significant? Could they be on headers or offsets? Might it be that users made mistakes in the ripping process. Could people who could only afford the cheapest readers be more prone than average to make a mistake?

That said. All those figures are disappointing. Why aren't they all 100%? They can all instal windows bit perfect no problem.


CD/DVD Drive Accuracy List 2013

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CD Ripping is not 100% bit perfect (Data CDs have way more error correction / detection ability than audio CDs), it is to be expected even with a great drive one disc in 100 will have a ripping error (can be scratches or manufacturing defects).

98% = 1 in 50 rips have an error, an error is an error, they are not headers or offsets they are in the data stream...the bad drives they are 1 in 10 with an error.

Cost is not always a indicator of ripping ability.

The idea of the accuracy list is that the scratches or manufacturing defects are spread evenly over drives...if they are then the results are valid.

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