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HELP. CueTools individual files to 1-file-per-album

I'm pretty new to Cuetools. I'd like to convert some old albums ripped with plextools to flac 1 file-per-track to 1 file-per-album + cue.

Action=Encode (default)
Audio Output=Lossless
Pregap: 00
Data Track: 00
Offset: 0

Using the above, I get the following accurip file:

Code: [Select]
[CUETools log; Date: 11/07/2011 19:44:49; Version: 2.1.2a]
[AccurateRip ID: 00137b8f-00c2420f-8d09bc0d] found.
Track   [ CRC    ] Status
01     [04c198b4] (00/17) No match
02     [4968ba82] (00/17) No match
03     [608deab0] (00/17) No match
04     [6ca1f140] (00/17) No match
05     [bbe96b86] (00/17) No match
06     [e84b101f] (00/15) No match
07     [95fa18d8] (00/17) No match
08     [f4e2e616] (00/17) No match
09     [d8852c83] (00/17) No match
10     [dd8fb8e3] (00/16) No match
11     [84392f1d] (00/17) No match
12     [2e44a3c2] (00/17) No match
13     [185fbd77] (00/17) No match
Offsetted by 30:
01     [98260ed0] (17/17) Accurately ripped
02     [d2bf3d0f] (17/17) Accurately ripped
03     [736f48e8] (17/17) Accurately ripped
04     [4485ee1e] (17/17) Accurately ripped
05     [afb9e1b2] (17/17) Accurately ripped
06     [e8179e10] (15/15) Accurately ripped
07     [455aae7c] (17/17) Accurately ripped
08     [6b0769a1] (17/17) Accurately ripped
09     [1924056e] (17/17) Accurately ripped
10     [98050ccd] (16/16) Accurately ripped
11     [41e01edc] (17/17) Accurately ripped
12     [e2289d45] (17/17) Accurately ripped
13     [0257bc8f] (17/17) Accurately ripped

Track Peak [ CRC32  ] [W/O NULL]
--   99.9 [100F0D5C] [61A61E99]          
01   99.9 [C67A4208] [E2672A34]          
02   99.9 [9D6F48D7] [3B0506D6]          
03   99.9 [9261443D] [7577E669]          
04   76.3 [E84743DA] [66A56830]          
05   99.9 [CA36C912] [8986F309]          
06   99.9 [2808CA05] [AFDFAD11]          
07   99.9 [397E2428] [B0B077CF]          
08   99.9 [42E92C33] [650E19A1]          
09   99.9 [53198814] [DDA1478F]          
10   99.9 [3B3301A0] [2B8EF644]          
11   99.9 [EE17CDEE] [2D7F617E]          
12   99.9 [508A619C] [DBC295BA]          
13   99.9 [8749DBCD] [B4C5FC39]

My understanding of the above is that with an offset of 30 the rip/encode was accurate. Wasn't the offset already applied when ripped?

The DAElog from Plextools doesn't tell me the offset that was used, but just that all tracks were successfully ripped.

So, do I need to re-encode and enter '30' in the offset box or was it automatically applied by Cuetools? Do I need to choose Encode+correct offset option?

Yeah, I'm pretty confused at the moment.

Could someone please explain the best way to accurately re-encode the indivual album tracks to image+cue

Any help would be most appreciated

HELP. CueTools individual files to 1-file-per-album

Reply #1
Wasn't the offset already applied when ripped?

Apparently not.

Before wondering if you need to alter the offset, I suggest you do a little research into what an offset actually is.  Once you do you will soon see exactly how unimportant this business about offsets really is.


HELP. CueTools individual files to 1-file-per-album

Reply #2
Note also that there are two different ‘reference’ offset values: that originally calculated by Andre Wiethoff when devising the offset correction system for EAC, and a later and technically more accurate one obtained by IpseDixit. The difference between the two? 30 samples! This perhaps works in favour of greynol’s final statement.

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