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Best/Most future proof way of tagging FLACs?

I posted the message that follows at the end of this thread, but
never received an answer.  I think it is because I arrived so late in
the thread.


I would like to rip all my albums and use FLAC to store them. For
each album, I would store the cuesheet (generated by EAC) within the
FLAC container to preserve as much information from the original CD-DA
as possible.

Though, reading this thread, I realize there is still no solution to
store information about individual track titles (song names). Like
davec, I thought I could use the properties of the CD-TEXT
standard to store the song names.  From what I understand, this is not
considered an elegant solution and is not what future plugins will use
to retrieve individual track titles.

So what is the alternative(s)? What shoud I do?


(and Josh, thanks for FLAC !)


Any help would be tremendously appreciated !

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