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FLAC streaming?

edit: rebooting fixed.  Can't change the topic though. 
O.K. I have started using flac to encode some of my media files.  Mostly rarer material that I have and some of the more intensive music that suffers from lossy encoding.  My main body of music is in mp3 right now at 192 kbs CBR because I have an iPod.  I have a few questions about this all though.  On reason I decided on using flac was because it is supposed to be streamable.  Here is my setup.  I have a small network and and file server.  I have a script called andromedia on this server so I can stream my music to the rest of the computers, (windows 2000 pro/php/iis with winamp as the client application).  For the life of me I can not get flac to play like this.  I was wondering if any one else has got this to work.  Or do I have to stream in an other way?

Also, in the long run I would like all of my music files to be flac files and eventually phase out the mp3's.  What I want to do is to just encode the mp3's from the flac files in batch mode.  Is there any application that will do this (windows base) and will transfer my flac tags over to the mp3 tags?  So say, like at night I just give the program some directories and in the morning I have all my albums encoded to mp3 for my iPod.

Anyway, I have read though all the stuff at the flac site and havn't really found any good answers so I was wondering if there were any who know any thing on it.  tia.

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