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Topic: FLAC and Cuetools 2.1.1 possible bug (Read 4022 times) previous topic - next topic
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FLAC and Cuetools 2.1.1 possible bug

I'm recently using Cuetools and I realized that converting some wav files to flac and reconverting them in wav, I can not get the same checksum (md5, crc32, SHA-1) of the original file.
It makes me think that cuetools modify the original data in each conversion.
It 'a normal thing?
Have you ever tried to calculate the checksum of your files?

Thanks, Bye.

FLAC and Cuetools 2.1.1 possible bug

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First thing I would check is if the actual audio data has changed. And then if so, what the exact difference is.

How? - I would use either foobar2000 or EAC, each having functions which check the raw audio data and show if and how they are different. foobar2000 has a bit compare plugin (be sure to enable during installation). EAC has a 'Compare WAVs' feature in it's tools menu.

So, if you could report back with the results of such a test, that would be very helpful.

FLAC and Cuetools 2.1.1 possible bug

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I tested the files  with the bit compare plugin of  foobar and it not found difference in the decoded data.
But because I get 2 different  checksum?

FLAC and Cuetools 2.1.1 possible bug

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Quite possibly due to metadata.

Try loading both files into an Audio editor and re-save each without any embedded metadata. Check to see if you still have different checksums between the new two.

Alternatively (or additionally), try comparing both files you have with a file-compare utility, e.g. FC or BC (Beyond Compare). You might be surprised to find that most of the file is identical, and the parts which are not will contain human-readable data (which is the embedded metadata).

-- L. Ipsum


FLAC and Cuetools 2.1.1 possible bug

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You are right the difference is only in the metadata .

Currently i use dbpoweramp for the conversion but cuetools have more useful option and split the flac image automaticly, is safe and convenient to switch tool?

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