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help you help me?

listen champ, if you don't want to answer somebody's question, then don't answer it. it's completely within your power to skip the thread and move on.

i understand that you're here voluntarily. but that doesn't authorize you to be pompous. instead, just remember that you have absolutely no obligation to reply to any post in this forum.

smkk threw together a quick reply to my question and sent me on my way. it was the nice thing to do.

then you jump in wearing a fancy hat, pretending you're a queen. you tell me that i've done things wrong. you tell me i should behave differently in the future. but who are you to tell me how to behave?

if a mod wants to address my methods, then a mod can address them. if i was out of line asking a simple question, then let me be punished in a manner appropriate to my crime.

but let me say to you this: in the future, Yotsuya, please refrain from asking people not to use this forum. it's really quite counter-productive.

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