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Please help me to choose CD/DVD-ROM for CDDA grabbing (with secure mode, capability of retrieving C2 error info, overreading into Lead-in and Lead-out). I own CD-ROM ASUS (CD-S520A) and DVD_ROM TEAC (DV-W516GB), but they are not suit me (can't overreading into Lead-in and Lead-out and they are not good enough when I try to grab scratched CD). What about ASUS DRW1814?


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DV-W516GB is a crappy lite-on. No wonder you're not satisfied with it.

I was impressed with error recovery (correction and concealment) of the Plextor PX-760A. Performed better than two NECs I also own. But I'm afraid any device you became to know well is already discontinued.



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Does any-one tried ASUS DRW1814? I'd buy an old drive, which is already discontinued ;-), if it's good. (I heard that new Pioneers, (and maybe NECs) can't retrieve C2 errors info...).

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