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DVD-Audio, burning and playing

After a lot of hassle I managed to burn my first DVD-Audio with my own music in hirez format: Mac OSX 10.4.7, G4, DVD-Audiofile (for preparing the .iso image) and Mac's disk utility. I authored my tracks such that I divided them into three sets and placed the sets in one of three "Groups" on the DVD-A image. Audio-file worked great and everything is visible in the image.

My Linn Unidisk SC accepted the DVD-A and played well .... but unfortunately only the tracks that I had placed in Group 1. I did not manage to access and play the other Groups on the DVD to play the tracks. Whe my player arrives at the last track of group 1 it stops and no "jump forward" command helps. Note that I am a video-phobic so I have no TV set hooked up to my Linn.

Anybody has an idea why I cannot access any Group other than number one on my DVD player? Your help is highly appreciated.

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