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MP4 video problems (codecs?)

When I try to play an MP4 file (using WMP11) it plays for about 8 seconds, then freezes, then WMP crashes with the message: Windows Media Player has encountered a problem and needs to close. More info explains that the module is nevideo.ex v3.2.0.30.

Nero ShowTime does the same as WMP. DivX player plays does the same as WMP, crashing after 8 secs, but there is also no audio. RealPlayer plays the file without crashing, audio is OK, but there is no video at all.  QuickTime fails with Error 50.

When I check the file with Gspot 2.52 it advises the file is 3GPP Media (.3gp) [MP4 compat.] Mime type: video/mp4. When I test it I get a Render: Partial Failure message.

I've installed the FFDShow filter (and the Haali media splitter) based upon advice in other threads but it hasn't helped. Other threads have, however, also advised adding ;MP4 to the Extension List in the DirectShow Decoder, but I don't know how to do this.

I have no other MP4 video files so cannot test if the file is corrupt (but I don't want to have to re-download it as it is big, and the source may be corrupt anyway). This seems to be a common problem (MP4 video) so suspect it is a software (filter/splitter) issue - probably with NeVideo(?).

Any advice?


MP4 video problems (codecs?)

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Adding ;MP4 to the extension list applies to playing mp4 videos in Winamp (it has to be done in its preferences else it treats them as audio).

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