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CD Ripping: Illegal?

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This soft's sold legally... official site, etc.

CD Ripping: Illegal?

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In the UK it is strictly speaking illegal however they do not actively enforce the law.

How could it be enforced, unless police break down doors and search homes?

I know they'd find a bag of old cassettes in my attic, gently breaking down as they are exposed to huge variations of heat and cold each year. I must take them to the recycling centre/dump before I'm jailed!!


CD Ripping: Illegal?

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My stand is that a CD that is blatantly violating standards are 'damaged', by definition.

Therefore my attempt of reading such a CD, regardless of copy-protection, falls under 'repair' category, by definition.

The U.S DMCA was just recently amended to deal with exemptions like that. I added in the wiki under Legal reference in the HA Community Portal. It doesn't have to do so much with ripping then it does with "copyright laws", on a similiar note a lot of people would argue that DRM doesn't help competition, but rather hinders it. There are some cases were it is an effective business model, however despite the fact. It's a necessary evil in sometimes. It really depends on circumstances. Some DRM is more then evil.
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