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Neat Hardware tricks

I've coveted one of the Belkin Cable-Free USB Hubs for over a year, since they announced the product. It's finally out and...according to engaget, it's very slow:

The sadness there made me search out other possibilities. I ran across the announcement of the Silex/Pricom widock, a wireless dock for the iPod, on engaget as well (here: and the non-flash product page here: ).  The widock is, essentially, a pared down version of their SX-2000WG wireless USB device server, combined with the standard iPod dock features of iPod connector, Apple remote detector and A/V output.  It's a neat little package.  Didn't quite make it out for Xmas though (Jan 10 2007 availability).  Too bad.

Anyway, THAT reminded me that I already had experimented with one of their SX-2000U2 units in the past, but it had firmware issues that caused me to box it and put it aside.

Well, sure enough, there was a firmware update. Now at v1.2.0, and I've got the current configuration up and running:

Code: [Select]
                                        USB2 to PATA bridge <-> DVD+-RW DL (both inside robot below)
Thinkpad<->100mbit<->Switch<->SX-2000U2<->USB2 Hub<-V--^-> Rio Karma
                                     USB1 to RS-232 bridge <-> Duplicator/Ripper Robot

I just ran a remote rip from the Thinkpad using EAC's burst mode.  It ripped at ~12x...over 100mbit ethernet.  Nice!


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