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Player that shows full mp3 id3v2 info?


is there any way to configure winamp to show all id3v2 informations?

i have a lot of mp3's with more than one comment, and i need a player who shows all comments.
winamp only shows a few of all possible fields.

or is there a player that can show all infos of an id3v2 header?
can you tell me one? a good one with winamp plug-in system?

Player that shows full mp3 id3v2 info?

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Good luck. There are so many players out that "may," or "may not" conform to the standards of ID3 tags, I've seen plenty that don't.

I do know that UltraPlayer will show some different info than what Winamp will show, and has the ability to write different/extra info into a tag, such as a URL, however I don't think its the answer for "showing all of the tag."

Player that shows full mp3 id3v2 info?

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QCD is pretty good.

Player that shows full mp3 id3v2 info?

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If you really want to work with id3 tags, I'd look into id3lib the standard library used for id3v1/2 and should support all features of id3v2.
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Player that shows full mp3 id3v2 info?

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Yeh, i've testet ear and its seems a great plug-in for winamp.

But ear shows a different information about the used encoder than encspot.

many mp3's encspot guessing the Blade encoder, ear says its fhg or lame.

wich program is accurate?

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