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Vorbis RC3 nnn!!

There will soon be a new binary of oggenc at the following site:

as usual. This is still only oggenc; oggdrop and the DLL still have the same problems. I shall continue to post the daily binaries at the above site, BUT without oggdrop and the DLL until the issues with these have been resolved, at which time I will advise thru the board.


Vorbis RC3 nnn!!

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Vorbis RC3 nnn!!

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same problem as yesterday, page not found...

Vorbis RC3 nnn!!

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ok its up again

Vorbis RC3 nnn!!

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I'm starting to get scared...

Later today, I'll see the sysadmin personally. Hope she can explain - and fix - that's happening.

Until then, the only thing I can suggest to those who are experiencing problems is... keep trying! 

Regards, and thanks for your patience...


Vorbis RC3 nnn!!

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A number of people have noted their inability to access recently.  I've had no problems accessing it multiple times in the last couple days, for the record.  Windows 98, Explorer 6.0.  BTW, I attempted to post this as a continuation of the  Vorbis RC3 nnn!!! thread, but for some reason my post came up as a new thread.  And I'm unable to delete it, so here it is as a new thread.
God kills a kitten every time you encode with CBR 320

Vorbis RC3 nnn!!

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Threads merged.


Vorbis RC3 nnn!!

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The #vorbis channel topic this morning is:

RC3 is more or less in CVS.  Test away.

So it looks like we'll have two great Christmas presents this year.


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