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OggVorbis RC3 Pre 2

Yes! Another update. Uncoupled stereo modes have been added, but I don't know if much else has changed.

The latest oggenc.exe, vorbis.dll and the various oggdrop.exes can be obtained from rjamorim later today at:
There is now a C7 version of oggdrop!

This version is definitely not for people of a nervous disposition, with a weak heart or a serious hangover!! 

It is a mix of the other 6 with continuous colour change as the fish rotates!! (Contrary to a suggestion I received, I was not on acid at the time! )

Have fun.


OggVorbis RC3 Pre 2

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Already uploaded.

OggVorbis RC3 Pre 2

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are those new stereo modes set by default ?

OggVorbis RC3 Pre 2

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What has been added is the possibility to encode individual channels. (i.e. mono, or dual stereo).

Since dual stereo is a bad idea, it's disabled by default, and normal channel coupling is used.


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