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OggDrop with psychedelic colors

john33 sent me some very cool
OGGdrop versions. They work the
same, but with different colors.

You can get them all at

OggDrop with psychedelic colors

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The screenshot shows the 6 different colors. (1st one is the original OggDrop)

The sequence is alike in the download page:

1 | 2 | 3
4 | 5 | 6

OggDrop with psychedelic colors

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Originally posted by rjamorim
(I would like to upload some screenshots too, but the system
refused the file extension. (.gif??))

Yes, attachments are still turned off.  Theres a bunch of system related stuff I need to get to here soon, I might enable attachments again.

In the meantime though you can just upload the .gif somewhere else and use the [IMG] tag to link to it.


OggDrop with psychedelic colors

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Thanks, worked.

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