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foo_ui_columns configurations

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This is the fcs (rename it.)

This is a screenshot of the layout.

Trackinfo code:
Code: [Select]
$if(%_trackinfo_notrack%,$align(center,top)$font(verdana,17,shadow,255-255-255)No track,
$align(left,top)$font(verdana,20,shadow,255-255-0)%title%[ '('Part $roman(%partnumber%)')']$if(%live%, '('Live')',)$char(10)
$font(verdana,10,bold shadow,200-200-200)[%artist%$char(10)]
$font(verdana,9,shadow,75-75-75)$if($meta(album artist),$meta(album artist) $font(verdana,9,normal,100-100-100)- ,)$font(verdana,9,shadow,125-125-125)$if2(%album%, %directory%)
$align(center,bottom)$font(wingdings,16,shadow,255-255-255)$progress2(%_time_elapsed_seconds%, %_time_total_seconds%,40,'n',$rgb(50,50,50)'n')$char(10)$char(10)
$align(left,bottom)$font(verdana,16,shadow,255-255-255)$if(%play_counter%,Played %play_counter% times,Never played)
$align(right,bottom)$font(verdana,16,shadow,255-255-255)$if(%rating%,Rated %rating%,Unrated)
$align(right,top)$font(verdana,15,shadow,255-255-255)%_time_elapsed% / %length%

Spectrum analyzer background is 32-32-32, same for trackinfo. Colour for spectrum is white, colour for trackinfo is white tahoma 9pt.

Buttons in order are:

Stop Play Pause Prev Next AddFiles OpenCD Preferences | RemoveRating Rate1 Rate2 Rate3 Rate4 Rate5 | AlbumList RescanLibrary | Back1Min Back10Secs Back1Sec Forward1Sec Forward10Secs Forward1Min | Random StopPlaybackAfterCurrent | Exit

Status bar code:
Code: [Select]
%bitrate%kbps %codec%    $if(%rating%,Rated %rating%,Unrated)    $if(%play_counter%,Played %play_counter% times,Never played)$if(%ispaused%,    Paused)$tab() %_time_elapsed%/%length% '('%playback_time_remaining% remaining')'

If there's any details I've missed let me know
err... i'm not using windows any more ;)

foo_ui_columns configurations

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I still prefer old and good columnsUI (and even defaultUI) so here is new fcs:
I've made new layout, so it can display long titles along with track artists without clipping in minimal space.
I used color scheme from one of config (don't remember which). Needs monospace font

And my favourite. Works with any font.

I've made version of this one for defaultUI.

Download archive here
just music

foo_ui_columns configurations

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new fcs with autocalculating colors and themes support
[a href="" target="_blank"]

fcs: [attachment=2540:attachment]
old fcs: [attachment=2523:attachment]
old screenshots: [attachment=2524:attachment]
Edit: new version (1.2) with new color theme, some bugfixes and new features
just music

foo_ui_columns configurations

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frooptech redux

Got bored of my old config so I whipped this bad boy up. Code optimisations from my last config.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Required Tags

%artist% / %title% / %album% / %tracknumber% / %totaltracks% are essential.

%disc% / %date% / %album artist% / %album date% are also supported.


Album Mode

Singles Mode


Edit: Updated to use %totaltracks% instead of %album tracks%. Old version is still available here

foo_ui_columns configurations

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CAUTION: Please do not post your comments/questions in this thread. You can do this, for example, in appearance thread

updated fcs (still beta):

download: [attachment=2762:attachment]
just music

foo_ui_columns configurations

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updated fcs. Many bugfixes, light version of fcs.
just music

foo_ui_columns configurations

Reply #56
Final version of fcs:
- very simple code;
- hybrid and single modes;
- good bunch of columns and safe sorting (not breaking albums);
- color themes (just 2 colors for each theme - bg and text, plus 2 colors optionally);
- configurable look through 6 variables (frames, stripes, gradient, brightness of text);
- one global style for all columns (so you can add your own columns without headache).

[a href="" target="_blank"]
just music

foo_ui_columns configurations

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simple and black background.
It's my first foo config

screen, layout, cfg, buttons & track info code -    myFoo.rar

I translated track info code  into the English.

foo_ui_columns configurations

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version 1.1 of fcs:
- added something;
- removed something;
- changed something.

edit: reuploaded fcs - small update
just music

foo_ui_columns configurations

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last update plus defaultUI config
screenshots are here and here.
just music

foo_ui_columns configurations

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Version 1.4:
- added possibility to change display modes;
- small other changes.
Version 1.3:
- added classic view (see screenshot).
Version 1.2 of fcs (only 'simple' one yet):
- cleaned up code;
- fixed small glitches;
- added/modified color themes;
- made some speed optimisations;
- added now-playing track highlight.

I have a little suggestion. As I almost made everything I wanted to do, if someone using this fcs, send me please your feature requests or maybe cool color themes you've made. Any comments appreciated.
just music

foo_ui_columns configurations

Reply #62

This is mine. It's based on ShinyDotMatrix Red version by Falstaff

I've changed few details from the original one, including stop button and adding lyrics panel on it

foo_ui_columns configurations

Reply #63
fcs version 1.5
No special changes, just small fixes.
just music

foo_ui_columns configurations

Reply #64


This is not all my work.
Thanks goes to miscellanea...

-ColumnsUI 0.2.0 final
-PanelsUI 0.13.8 beta (thats for "track display")
-Album Art Panel 0.2.6
-Album List Panel 0.2.3 beta
-Playlist Dropdown 0.6 alpha4
-Quicksearch Toolbar 2.8

Inside PanelsUI (TrackDisplay):
-Peakmeter Panel
-Channel Spectrum Panel 0.07
-Powerpanels 0.1

And here are the used buttons and images.

Updated the .fcl ;-) (again...)

foo_ui_columns configurations

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Thread temporarily locked for cleanup reasons. Will be opened again soon.

foo_ui_columns configurations

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Alright, reopened after another cleanup.

Once and for all. Learn to read topic descriptions before posting in this topic. I am getting tired of this. Thank You.

foo_ui_columns configurations

Reply #67
version 1.6, many changes. Try 'color.grouping' and 'selection.mode' settings.
just music

foo_ui_columns configurations

Reply #68
Version 1.7, some minor changes.
In next release i'll try to sort out color themes.
just music

foo_ui_columns configurations

Reply #69
New config, called 'empty'.
just music

foo_ui_columns configurations

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Hi all,  heres a nice simple one i love.  For columns_ui NG playlist

foo_ui_columns configurations

Reply #72
myFoo. Really simple and uncluttered with a few wsh_panels (volume and seekbar) and track_info_mod panels (album art and Track info.

Thanks to those who posted config info, it's been quite helpful getting my foo the way I want it.

Included the .fcs, .fcl, .fcb and XP Visual Style that I modded to use. Have fun with it.



foo_ui_columns configurations

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My Columns UI layout, foovert v 1.00.

Album layout:

Single files layout:

Album Artist and disc number support:


A custom status bar, that displays codec profiles, mp3 stereo mode, file size and ReplayGain info.
Custom window titles.
Custom "Album Artist" Album list views.
Custom "Album Artist" NG group.
Custom columns for Album layout.
"Disc. Track number"  column displays discnumber if a album has more then 1 disc (Album layout only).


Sadly I couldn't Export my NG group format, which needs to be configured by hand. You need to add the group by File > Preferences > Display > Columns UI > Playlist View, then click on the Grouping and replace the format with this:

Code: [Select]
$if2(%album artist%,Unknown Artist) - ['['%date%']' ]$if2(%album%,Unknown Album)

And also set the playlist filters to "Show only on playlists" and the fill the filter box with this:

Code: [Select]
library view; facet selection; default; audio cd; all music; ipod media library

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