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FLAC Renaming Files

Hi Everyone,

Just a simple question really:

I want to rename alot of my long name flac files eg.

01-Garbage-Live At Zurich-I think I'm paranoid(3.28).flac


01 - Paranoid.flac

Will doing this alter the flac fingerprint or will it still be the same?

Am I right in thinking I will have to either have to re-do the md5 signatures or alter the text file song names?But apart from different file names the fingerprint will be exactly the same?


FLAC Renaming Files

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Thanks for that......But what is the METADATA????

FLAC Renaming Files

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Thanks for that......But what is the METADATA????

FLAC Renaming Files

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No changing the name of the file will NOT alter the md5 hash. If you change any of the metadata it will.

I'm not sure what you include in metadata, but when I change vorbis tags, the change is nearly instantaneous even on very large files. There's no way the md5 for the whole file could be calculated in that time.

FLAC Renaming Files

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The MD5 signature is of the unencoded audio data only (reference).  Changing the metadata, filename, or compression settings will not affect the MD5 at all.


FLAC Renaming Files

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I think the MD5 of the file itself will change when you change the tags.  The FLAC Fingerprint is a MD5 of the music data only, and remains the same regardless of the tags.

Check out the EtreeWiki on Flac Fingerprint:

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