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EAC wont accept --alt-preset standard

Until now my mp3 workflow hasn't been very fast. Thought I'd optimize a little taking away an unnecessary step, RazorLame. Before I've ripped with EAC and then started RazorLame where I've done the encoding. To the trouble...
I tried using the following parameters for the "External Compression" tab in the "Compression Options" window:

[CHECKED]Use external program for compression
Parameter passing scheme: LAME MP3 Encoder
Program, including path, used for compression: C:AudioProgramLame v3.92lame.exe
Additional command line options: --alt-preset standard
Bitrate: 96kBit/s [thought it should make any difference when typing in --alt-preset standard in the above field]

But, EAC makes a 96kBit/s mp3 file when i enter the options I've mentioned above.
Other parameters than --alt-preset standard though, seems to override the Bitrate options, ie. -b 256 -m s -q 0 --lowpass 19.5 makes a 256 kBit/s file...
Any ideas on how to make an --alt-preset standard file from within EAC?


EAC wont accept --alt-preset standard

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Use "User defined encoder" instead:

--alt-preset standard %s %d

The the bit-rate list shouldn't make any effect. (maybe set it to 192 kbps just for display convenience.)



EAC wont accept --alt-preset standard

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Seemed to work when i added: %s %d. When they were not there sometimes a file were produced (though 128kbps), sometimes nothing happened.
Are %s %d EAC specific? Never seen them before...

BTW, sorry for posting this in the wrong forum. Saw that there was a ripping forum now.


EAC wont accept --alt-preset standard

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Are %s %d EAC specific? Never seen them before...
Yes they are.

When you use 'User Defined Encoder', these parameters tell EAC where to put the Source and Destination filenames.

Using 'User Defined Encoder' makes sure EAC uses only what you configure in the text box. EAC will not insert any parameters on its own. All other options cease to have effect.

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