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1st attempt with Xvid

I am a complete and utter noob when it comes to encoding with any MPEG-IV codecs (I used to go from DVD-SVCD using DVDX, which was incredibly simple, although my old PIII used to take a day per hour of footage ).  Last night (as the subject tells you), I had my 1st attempt with Xvid, and followed the Doom9 Guide (The Gordian Knot, simple one), to the nail ...

Movie in Question is one of my childhood faves, Groundhog Day (1:37), which I wanted to use xvid to span over 2 cd's.

However, when I woke up this morning, I find the following issues:

In the 'Projects' directory, I have several .avi files, one of which is just the Xvid without any sound and about 3 with the vbr-mp3 sound.  Two of these files are the movie 'twice'.  i.e. back2back, and 3 hours long!  And there is another couple of .avi's which are about a gig in length (so no good for a cd (or even for splitting onto 2, really)).

The DVD is from an old analogue source, I guess, and so it has black spots appearing randomly, like old films do.  The encoding has HUGE blocks and stretched images when these irregularities happen (or at least, I guess that is what is causing them).  The result looks like playing a dvd which you have tied to the back bumper of your car and driven round to your mates house (i.e. watching a really scratched disc).

The .d2v(?) files that were used to encode from looked fine (it was ripped correctly)

Is there anything that can be known to cause such issue's with the guides on doom9? 

What version of Lame is used with the BeSweet which comes with the GordianKnot pack?  Could find it anywhere...

Is it really safe to use vbr-mp3's in .avi's?  I thought I read somewhere that maybe it wasn't....

Thanks a lot for your time people


1st attempt with Xvid

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I tried following the doom9 guide but didnt get very far

You might want to try's XviD guide.  They even use fb2k for the audio encoding.  Cool

Plus, in my opinion, this guide is a lot easier to follow !!!

1st attempt with Xvid

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Yes, this guide is a lot easier to follow.  Thanks

However, when I come to actually encode the Video, Virtualdubmod throws up an "AVI Import Filter error: (Unknown) (80040154)"... and (guessably) refuses to encode.  Older versions of Virtualdubmod throw up a "Filetype of AVS not known" or something to that descript.

I guess some versions of AviSynth are not compatable with certain versions of VirtualDubMod?

Which versions do you use that works?

1st attempt with Xvid

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not had any trouble with the RC versions of Xvid, VDM, and the jan 15 build of avisynth.

it's possible you don't have anything installed to decode YV12 which avisynth is probably feeding to virtualdub.  the latest Xvid RC will register itself to do this, but to use any capable VFW codec, you can hack the registry to do it...

whack this into a text file, and call it "thing.reg"...

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32]

that's assuming you use the newest Xvid... otherwise it's "xvid.dll", or anything else that can handle it ("ffvfw.dll" works nice too).

IIRC, if virtualdub is on "fast recompress", then decoding won't be a problem - it's only a problem for displaying, where VirtualDub needs to convert to RGB.

1st attempt with Xvid

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Older versions of Virtualdubmod throw up a "Filetype of AVS not known" or something to that descript.

This means that you didn't install AviSynth correctly.

1st attempt with Xvid

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One version of AviSynth came with something to fix "AVI Filter Import Error".

The version of XviD that came with the Gordian Knot 0.28.7 just refused to do a good job on my PC - and "Decode with XviD" led to whatever application crashing

The Everwicked Guide is excellent

DivX 5 usually comes out too big

Certain versions of VirtualDubMod should be renamed to VirtualDudMod

These findings will probably not be duplicatable by anyone else - seems to be a lot of "Windows Randomness" here

Mpeg4 is very satisfactory

1st attempt with Xvid

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Which versions do you use that works?

Not to sure,  I just downloaded and used the full Gordian Knot Rip Pack + Gordian Knot Patches/minor rev + Gordian Knot Patches/minor rev and everything worked fine

The Everwicked Guide is excellent

I agree, I have been using it for some time now, even before they started using fb2k for the audio coding.  Plus, I have slightly modified the ending as I am using the mkv container

1st attempt with Xvid

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if you wanna try the power of xvid, a 100% headache free alternative can be found in autoGK. it's pretty straight forward so a guide isnt necessary... get it from doom9 forum under the gk dev thread.

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