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FLAC, cuesheets, and CDDB

from the FLAC faq (Why aren't PERFORMER/TITLE/etc tags stored in the FLAC CUESHEET block?): Some players (for example Foobar2000) allow you to store the CDDB data as FLAC tags and can parse that.

How would I do this? I can make a single-file FLAC for a CD with embedded cuesheet. What's the next step to get CDDB data into the file?

Thanks in advance

FLAC, cuesheets, and CDDB

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I havent been able to do this either. What I do now is to save the cuesheet with the CDTEXT with the flac file and load the cue sheet into fb2k. It seems stupid to me that the whole cue sheet can't just be stored in the flac file, but I understand the reason why it isn't.

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FLAC, cuesheets, and CDDB

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I'm a bit tired now and don't know if this is what you're looking for:
(Soren @ Dec 9 2003, 07:13 AM)
1. Create your image + cue with EAC
2. Encode them with Speek frontend, inclide cuesheet and only tick verify
3. open the flac file into foobak2k
4. Make a FreeDB request to tag you flac file with track names
5. Select all the tracks
6. Apply replygain as an album
7. Go to the bathroom, make a coffee, return to your pc and tadam ! an album in one flac file, well tagged and replaygained (track & album)

hope it will help,

Anyway; search is your friend; if you try something like
flac AND cue
flac AND embedded AND cuesheet
...or any other combination I'm sure you will find a lot of threads discussing related topics

ofcourse if you want to tag anything with freedb in foobar2000 you'll need:
but I'm pretty sure it's included in special installer....
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