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Topic: Need to try your work with a music composer? (Read 2259 times) previous topic - next topic
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Need to try your work with a music composer?

Hi Scientific people!
my name is Jerome Baur.
I'm music composer in Switzerland (french part), I work for Theater, cinema and Tv
since 1989.
I try to make with my project studio an instrument to create emotional music
and I try to use in my mix some psychoacoustic effect to serve emotion too.
a link between senses (space, silence...) and the images and dramaturgy.

If you need to test and hear in situation some of your work, I will be happy to involve
it in composition. I'm not a technician and it's the reason why I think that some magic meeting between you and me could be very interresting of us... (sorry for my bad English)
any invention need to be tested in situation and be in equation with free mind, i could be this one. In any case, I love this idea :-)

if you want to know more about my work there is an adress:

When I was in Paris, I had make an experience about world music and nomad studio 1992/1997.
since 5 years I work too with a very special theater Cie in Copenhagen where I test few strange meetings about world music/sound approach/Nomad studio/ space & acoustic, with a very famous Italian director.

project studio comfig:
Apple G4+PPC9600/logic platinium/protools/Motu/mackie/Ensoniq/JBL pro/Neumann/TLA/Audio technica/symetrix/oldies analog inst & FX/

i have the possibility to work in a "real" studio too in Switzerland near of mine
with a sound ingeneer friend (geneva SAE builder) who is very curious too about space and sounds.

Well, take the ball :-)

musicales salutations
jerome baur


Need to try your work with a music composer?

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Maybe you're mistaken about this board... the psychoacoustics we deal with are not sounds that act on the psyche, but the theory of human hearing (frequency response, masking effects... ) applied to audio file compression. Called psychoacoustics, because it is acoustics applied to the human hearing (ear+brain) instead of speakers, concert halls, etc...
Or maybe I missed your point...

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