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DivX Pro versus DivX Standard

I've been using the Adware version of DivX Pro for a while and the GAIN trickler hasnt worried me too much since my firewall is configured to block it.

Anyway, I feel kinda uncomfortable about having adware stuff on my computer and each time I run Ad-aware, I have to be careful not to delete the ones that DivX Pro need to run properly.  Now I'm looking to going back to using DivX standard.  So my question is, what sort of features do I lose by going to DivX standard in terms of quality and performance?  Is the standard codec slower than the pro?  Will my videos generated by the standard codec look inferior compared with the pro-generated versions?  Please enlighten me

EDIT:  I think I've posted this in the wrong forum again.  Perhaps, general a/v forum is more appropriate.  My apologies.

DivX Pro versus DivX Standard

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Well.. iirc at least you lose the Advanced Simple Profile (ASP) features, like bvop (b-frames), qpel and gmc.
And if I still remember correctly, non-pro doesn't have the "slowest profile".

So there's quite a lot of feature loss if you ditch the pro-version.

Anyway, it has been said that Divx 5.1.1 adware runs fine with the spywares deleted, if you just leave the
-registry key intact.

See here.
Juha Laaksonheimo

DivX Pro versus DivX Standard

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Yep DivX Standard is pretty sad on features by comparison.  You could always give XviD a whirl if you want similar functionality to DivX Pro.


DivX Pro versus DivX Standard

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The mpeg4 tool you will miss the most is b-frames, b-frames give the biggest boost in quality in mpeg4.  I have used the adware version of the codec before I think probably approximately around version 5.05 since my key stopped working.  But I am not comfortable with adware on my system either, certainly if you don't block gain properly, your internet will grind to a halt.  Anyway, I would definitely give XviD a try you may actually like it a lot more.  You can get a build by going to forums and under XviD faqs there are links to Koepi's and Nic's sites which have binaries.

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