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RealVideo resolution

How do you find out the resolution of a RealVideo file? I assume it's somewhere in the type_specific_data of the MDPR chunk, but I couldn't find any documentation on that. Does anyone have such documentation?

RealVideo resolution

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Looks interesting... if only it was open-source
And I can't PM the author until I've been registered there for 5 days! 

This is the file layout that I've been working off:
and it's great, except that under MDPR it lists the last item as
-> variable stream additional info = data as defined by MIME
and it's that data that contains the information I'm missing, and I haven't been able to find any better file format definition that contains a description of the data that's in there.

RealVideo resolution

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When the MIME-Type is "video/x-pn-realvideo" the following struct is stored in the additional info data block.

Code: [Select]
#pragma pack(push, 1)
struct RealMedia_VideoHeader
    UINT32 dwSize;
    UINT32 fcc1;
    UINT32 fcc2;
    UINT16 w;
    UINT16 h;
    UINT16 bpp;
    UINT32 unk1;
    UINT32 unk2;
    UINT32 type1;
    UINT32 type2;
    UINT8 w2;
    UINT8 h2;
    UINT8 w3;
    UINT8 h3;
#pragma pack()

To get the frame-rate
Code: [Select]
RealMedia_VideoHeader video_header;
// Fill in video_header with data
float frame_rate = (float)video_header->unk2 / 0x10000;

Hope this help

BTW I found these specs easier to rad.

RealVideo resolution

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Fabulous! Thanks a bunch jcsston

edit: The above information has given me info to fully support all the Real stuff I need, thanks!

RealVideo resolution

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GuliverKLI kan an opensource RM splitter and decoder (using Real Libraries). It might also help you find the information you need.
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