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Resume last playback position on multiple files

Playing a long audio file, once exiting the file and starting foobar2000 up later it automatically plays back the last opened file from where i exited it.

When opening another file and exiting that file though, playing the previously played track starts it from the start instead of where I last left off

Is there an easy method of letting each file remember where I last played it, so that each file has a resume point on exit

Not like a manual bookmark, but an automatic book mark, like saving the last played position on exit

Re: Resume last playback position on multiple files

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I don't know if this does what you want, or even works anymore, but you could take a look at foo_uie_bookmarks.  I tried it out a few years ago and it seemed to work OK, but I didn't really have a use for it.  The forum link is

Re: Resume last playback position on multiple files

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Skip Track component is a newer alternative. Saves bookmark positions to database (not writing to tags) and updates automatically. Can also add a %bookmark% column to playlist.