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Help tagging


I would like to point out that English is not my native language, if you have trouble understanding me, please do not hesitate to tell me ^^

I listen mainly to FLAC but I have some problems with multi-tags especially on my DAP or my cellphone.

I use Mp3tag to do the tags (although I don't know if there is a better paid or unpaid software) but I would like that when playing a song containing several artists to have 1 record for each artist and not to see "Artist 1 Artist 2" as if it was only one artist . On Mp3tag it says that it's "\\" that separates them. I tried on several apps on android (I like Blackplayer EX which however announces the management of the multi-field), I do not find anything which makes the separation to have 1 song and find the song under the 2 different artists.

Let's take a real example:

Title : from the edge (Feat. LiSA)
Performer: FictionJunction (feat. LiSA)

I don't want to put (Feat LiSA) in the title but put it LiSA and FictionJunction in the artist field si i did like this :

(I tried different separator)

Do you have an idea if I'm doing something wrong or is it the apps that are not optimized to have 1 record per artist?

Thank you for your answers ^^


Re: Help tagging

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Highlight the file in Mp3tag and press ALT+T.  This will show all tags in the file.  From this dialog, you can add a another ARTIST tag or confirm the \\ method has resulted in multiple ARTIST tags.  If your player is not indexing the song under each tagged artist, you might want to post on the player forum.

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