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Re: Opus 1.1.3

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What is the LFE channel?
5.1-channel audio consists of five discrete, full range main channels (Left, Center,
Right, Left Surround, and Right Surround) plus an optional band-limited LowFrequency
Effects (LFE) channel.
In contrast to the main channels, the LFE channel delivers bass-only information
(<120 Hz) and has no direct effect on the perceived directionality of the reproduced
soundtrack. Its purpose is to supplement the overall bass content of the program or
to ease the burden on the other channels. The LFE channel was originally devised
for 70 mm movie productions to deliver a separate bass signal to one or more
additional subwoofers placed behind the movie screen
LFE does not equal subwoofer
Dolby Digital programs may include a bass-only LFE channel, but this channel
does not correspond directly to a subwoofer output. It is possible for a program to
contain an LFE channel, but a decoder may provide no subwoofer output because
all of the bass information in the program, including the LFE channel, can be
reproduced by the main speakers.
Source :

I guess Dolby is a good enough source for talking about surround sound :)
(btw, that is the first result on google when searching for : "audio 5.1 lfe meaning")

Re: Opus 1.1.3

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I'm just curious is Auro-3D something that can be ambisonics applied to?


The only commonality is that they're able to store 3D audio. The rest (paradigm, cost, etc) is completely different.

You can convert, but there's costs as A3D isn't free, and you'll lose quality converting as paradigm differs.


Re: Opus 1.1.3

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Any update to Opus 1.1.3
No religion, please.

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