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LoC seeks public input on ADC performance & testing guidelines

The Library of Congress seeks public comment on proposed guidelines for ADC performance & testing and its accompanying report by May 30, 2016.

If I understand correctly, in these documents, they defined what they expect from a high-performance ADC, as measured by expensive equipment. Now they are looking to define moderate and minimum performance levels, as measured by more affordable equipment, for the benefit of agencies for which high-performance gear is out of reach. It's not clear to me whether they want public comment on this ongoing/upcoming work, or just what's in the documents above.

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Re: LoC seeks public input on ADC performance & testing guidelines

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Thank you for this. Very interesting. I gave the blog and proposed guidelines a skim and they certainly seem on the right track with the guidelines for the high-quality tier. The mid-to-low price options for smaller agencies will certainly be where the most expertise is needed. I'm familiar with the RME ADI-2, which sells for ~$950 USD, and it likely meets the "high" guidelines. But I know government agencies are often very strapped for cash and also have to maintain certain caps (whether in dollars, ratios or percentages) on equipment spending. There are many "good enough" interfaces in the $400-500 range but sadly standalone ADC/DAC units are rare below the upper hundreds. So, these general purpose cheap interfaces might be passable but they also have large amounts of their circuitry and cost tied into mic pres, monitor and headphone sends, etc.

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