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[TOS #5] It is *never* ok to announce "new topic"

We're talking about tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, driven by people who do this for a living.

Is there a law against using these machines for private testing and hiring folks to operate them?

New topic. Obviously with devices like these, which are fully variable, one could hypothetically dial in values over a *tremendous* range, from too low to audibly discriminate, to levels which are easier to discern with rapid fire switching in a laboratory setting under optimal conditions, to levels which are easy for most to hear even casually through a cheap boom box, to levels which make the music annoyingly offensive, so what exactly is it you wish to test? It's not like there are only two kinds of recordings: compressed and not compressed.

This is why this line from the AES paper's abstract makes little sense to me:

"  Surprisingly, the results failed to reveal any evidence of the effects of dynamic range compression on subjective preference or perceived depth cues." Um, trust me, you can dial it in to levels which the listeners would have heard it as being a night and day difference, even annoying if that was the goal. The fact that the levels dialed in in this test happened to not be a problem for the listeners simply means they used mild, unobtrusive levels of compression. So? It doesn't speak to what studios actually use, on a given recording, and reinforces the silly notion that the compression they use is some constant, fixed value of "on" or ""off"'.

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