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some more linux stuff to talk about...

tsup people...

i am in the process of "selecting" a linux distrobution, but am having some problems finding good reviews/discussions/phorums with in-depth information on individual distrobutions...

i tried mandrake 8.1 and the 8.2 betas, but i didn't like the candy coated appearance and slow behavior...and it was pretty buggy in compiling additional packages, oh well.

i am looking for debian or a debian based distro and am having some difficulty norrowing the distros to just one.  i have heard of progeny, caldera, xandros, libranet and debian [surprise, surprise] and throw these questions out here in hopes of some help...

why not just buy/download them all? <--you may ask
i have a 56k @ 4kb/s! <--my answer

things i am looking for:
. easy[er] gui for install/partition/updates/etc.
. stability, not bleeding edge
. use for video/audio playback and encode, word processing, and internet...thats basically it
. 2.4 kernel / gnome

other great distros to recommend or comments or some direction to venture in would be appreciated...


some more linux stuff to talk about...

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