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[USELESS] From: ReplayGain2

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The fact that he created ReplayGain makes his opinion on its evolution relevant and thus makes it likely that a number of people will care. We’re not going to have this thread descend into bickering, so stop it now. Respond to criticisms, or if you choose not to, keep the empty retorts to yourself.

[USELESS] From: ReplayGain2

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empty retorts

Empty is the operative.  I mean when your argument revolves around the definition of "write" you should know you're on the losing end.

[USELESS] From: ReplayGain2

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Please don’t get me wrong: I appreciate those parts of your posts. What I said was directed mainly at your reply to 2Bdecided. Attempts to explain things and clarify terminology are great. Quips that can only lead to derailing arguments aren’t.

[USELESS] From: ReplayGain2

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summarized by "Pat_" (cf. here and here).

@ADMINS: The first reference seems to be removed from the "r128gain" thread. Could you please restore it in the "r128gain" thread because it is relevant there (it perfectly describes the "r128gain" philosophy) and remove it from this thread because it is irrelevant to RG experts:

Pbelkner's decision to write incompatible data has been criticized numerous times. It's like the guy doesn't even understand the problem of his decision.

I decided to stop reading that thread a long time ago because otherwise I would get annoyed every time.


[USELESS] From: ReplayGain2

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I binned that post because the same message had already been posted to this thread. And considering that it was based upon reading about RG2 and a suggestion for said spec, which location do you think is more relevant? Admins are not the only people who can move messages, and if your addressing them while bypassing mods is based on some idea of there being a conspiracy against you by one or more people from the latter group, then you should know that’s not the case. Cross-posting simply isn’t a desirable thing; there’s nothing more to it than that.

Edit: It’s been brought to my attention that the post I deleted was not the one being referenced by pbelkner, who was thinking of another duplicate post deleted by a different member of staff. I’m not going to intrude on someone else’s decision here, but I thought I should clarify this.

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