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Title: Winamp's FLAC plugin 1.1.0 tag edit bug?
Post by: Phobos on 2004-06-25 05:04:39
hey guys, i ripped all my albums and encoded them to flac. Now i used lastest foobar2000 to tag them, and whenever i load them to winamp and try to see the file info i see nothing in the comment field while foobar does tag and recognize it correctly. Then i proceeded to edit it with winamp and update the file, now that i reloaded info in foobar i saw a new "description" field appear. It seems odd since the file info field in winamp is clearly marked as "comment", not description as its tagged. Also winamp reads "track" field correctly from foobars tag, but when i update it writes another field named "tracknumber" (worse, since it has no zeroes at the left of 10- tracknumbers)

After these little tests, i conclued there are minor bugs in the winamp plugin, correct me if im mistaken but for now ill trust foobar's tagging system...
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