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Title: Problems with FLAC and MP3 Files
Post by: Wolfgang2 on 2004-04-06 22:58:05

I have a big problem concerning some of my audio-files on my HDD.

Last week,  I browsed one of my music folders containing various audio files in FLAC and MP3 format.  The files in this folder are sorted by the interpret and in groups (I use Windows XP). Therefore the flac-files are stated at the end since the explorer isn't able to read those tags. In german they are branded as "nicht angegeben", something like "unavailable".

So I browsed the folder and saw, that about 15 MP3-files were situated at the top of the page, without coment. I wondered because the tags used to be alright. I wanted to play this files with foobar2000 v0.8 but I only get error messages.

At the end I ordered Mp3tag V.2.17 to show all files on my HDD, sorted by bitrate. With this problem I saw that more than 30 files were damaged (empty tag, lenght=0, bitrate=0 etc.), even some in the flac-format.

One file (flac) had a very strange behaviour: When I played it the first 10 seconds were normal than a complete other song begin to play, it simply was in this file.

Fortuneately I had a backup of my HDD on an extarnal HDD so I could restore my files. The strange thing was that both files, original one and damaged one, had exactly the same size and modifying date (I don't know how all the dates are called in english).

However, the files looked exactly the same but one was damaged.

I sent a couple of files to the author of Mp3tag since this program and foobar2000 were the only ones who had contact to the files. He answered me and said that the files looked the same but had COMPLETE other contents and refered me to this forum.

Can anyone of you explain me this strange behaviour which came all of a sudden?

Thank You! Wolfgang

PS: CHKDSK says that the HDD is okay and I have no virus.
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