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Title: Rc3?
Post by: Override on 2001-10-27 11:14:38
I'm new here, and also new to most of the aduio-formats disscussed here. I have a very simple question though; what the heck is RC3? I figured there is some kind of new version of Ogg Vorbis or something, but I would be glad if someone could tell me more.

Thanks, over and out.
Title: Rc3?
Post by: ozy on 2001-10-27 12:00:50
"RC" stands for "Release Candidate". Basically, it's a version of a piece of software that come after "Alpha" and "Beta" but before "Final".

In other words, it's usually a more-or-less bug free version of the software that just needs some final testing before going "final".

Title: Rc3?
Post by: lucpes on 2001-11-20 23:40:04
By the way: any news in regard to OGG RC3? or is there any version that isn't limited to 128 kbps that includes the enhancements done since RC2?

Or perhaps a GT3 version
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