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Title: Using cue sheets with Eac + Flac... How to
Post by: Shockwave on 2004-01-10 06:01:24
Well, I've done some searching and figured out how to use cue sheets, but have a few questions to make sure I'm doing it the best way. Firstly, when ripping from Eac what is the best method to create the cue sheet? I've been going From Wav, but theres also about 3 other choices I believe, one being use current settings. After playing around I think using current settings would be best as it would use what was detected on the CD correct?
Also, I am ripping as single file per CD to keep as true to original as possible. One thing I like about per track though is in the folders it lists individual songs so I could listen to just one song from a CD. Is it possible to create a file list of the songs in the image that would do this. Such that a image with 10 songs would have a 11 files in the folder, 1 being the image and the other 10 being a direct link to the song? I found I could do this by creating custom cue sheets, 1 cue per song but doing this manually would be an incredible PITA. Is there a way to take a "Master cue" of the whole image and quickly split in into "File cues" which are simply a breakdown of the full cue listing so as to give me a direct link to each song in an image?
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