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Title: .3gp to .mov
Post by: juanturrion on 2004-01-09 11:21:30
Hi all,

i need to translate a 3gp/h263 baseline file into a quicktime/h263 baseline file in order to grab some frames with the Java Media Framework on a solaris. I 've been looking through it but i don't know what changes are needed to make in the 3gp file format, any idea, any suggestion, any sample???

Thanks in advance!!
Title: .3gp to .mov
Post by: bond on 2004-01-09 11:39:38
hm simply try opening the .3gp in quicktime and pass trough to .mov

dunno if this is possible but i guess the chance that it works is great
Title: .3gp to .mov
Post by: juanturrion on 2004-01-09 11:42:38
No it does not work :-) I already tried it, i got a parsing error.

Thanks anyway.
Title: .3gp to .mov
Post by: juanturrion on 2004-01-09 11:45:15
Sorry i didnĀ“t understand your reply at first, i cannot make use of quicktime due to the fact that mu application must run on a solaris machine.

Title: .3gp to .mov
Post by: danchr on 2004-01-09 11:45:32
Open the file in QuickTime, choose File -> Save as... and in the following dialog choose to save as "Self-contained."

The above requires QuickTime Pro. If you have a Windows machine, you may be able to do it using the 3ivx filter suite (http://www.3ivx.com/download/windows.html).


I see you wish to do it on a Solaris machine. FFmpeg (http://ffmpeg.sf.net) will do the trick. Download and compile it, and issue the following command:

ffmpeg -acodec copy -vcodec copy -i infile.3gp outfile.mov
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