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Title: Changed MP3 tags back up
Post by: UKQuinny on 2018-12-01 02:22:50
I have all my music stored on a internal hard drive "D" drive
Each night free file sync creates a mirror back up to an external hard drive "H" drive

Ive recently started DJing with the portable H drive and using the comments field to store genre information (Using comments suits me for a few reasons)

The problem is when i add information to the comments field on mp3s on the D drive, free file sync doesn't see it as a modified file so it doesn't copy the newly tagged file over to the H drive.

This morning i have tried Jampal, free supersync and Mp3tagCompleteTags with no luck.

Can anybody recommend a back up program that will notice changed tags, and back up the file?

Many Thanks for your time in advance.
Title: Re: Changed MP3 tags back up
Post by: korth on 2018-12-01 18:09:54
I'm haven't used the sync software you're using so I may not be the best person to reply but here goes...
Have you looked at the options for all the programs you're currently using?
Looks like 3 different comparison variants available in FreeFileSync
1. Compare by File time and size.
File size would likely remain unchanged after a tag edit. A fixed/padded tag block allows tags to be changed without rewriting the whole file.
Some tagging programs have an option to prevent timestamps from being modified. MP3Tag for example https://help.mp3tag.de/options_tags.html.
If the timestamp and the file size are unchanged, the files are considered equal in this variant.

2. Compare by File content checks for identical content and would likely catch a tag edit but bit-by-bit compare could be slow and probably not what you're using.

3. Compare by File size (see File size in #1).
Title: Re: Changed MP3 tags back up
Post by: UKQuinny on 2018-12-02 01:59:48
Many thanks for the help, it seems Virtual DJ was screwing things up a bit. All sorted now.

Thanks again
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