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Development - (fb2k) / Re: Not responding to graceful termination signal
Last post by Case -
Your authotkey hackery closes foobar2000 just fine here when it's minized. But if it's hidden so it only shows up in notification area it no longer works. But nothing that lives in notification area can be closed with your command.

I'd assume what you want to achieve can be achieved with foo_scheduler. But cleanest way to achieve closing of foobar2000 at specific time is to use Windows' Task Scheduler and call foobar2000.exe /quit.
Development - (fb2k) / Not responding to graceful termination signal
Last post by onirwai -
I'm trying to shut it down at night, programming through AutoHotkey.
I can't for the life of me figure out a termination signal to send that works reliably but doesn't force.

Code: [Select]
WinClose, ahk_exe foobar2000.exe ; Doesn't work if minimized
PostMessage, 0x112, 0xF060,,, ahk_exe foobar2000.exe ; Doesn't work if minimized
Run, taskkill /t /im foobar2000.exe, , Hide ; Doesn't work if minimized

I could handle it as a special case with foobar2000.lnk /pause /exit but I was hoping for a more reliable general solution.
What is holding it back from behaving normally? Is it some kind of play lock because it's a media player?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Linear Phase Subwoofer
Last post by E.Sokol -
I'm trying to link your crossovers with known names.
I want to believe that my filters are unique - because all formulas was created by me. They designed as piecewise-defined function (except classic, erf, exponential and gudermannian) at logarithmic scale and named from a used functions names, which connect flat passband and stopband (and symmetric by design). They have not and can`t be have a physical prototypes.

The classical is a modified Linkwitz-Riley if I remember correctly.
Not quite.
Linkwitz–Riley filter can be parametrized only by integer step of roll-off values (12/24/48/etc dB/octave). Classic filter parametrized by required amplitude at cutoff frequency (-40 dB hard coded to have close view to other filters), but intersects with Linkwitz–Riley at some values. For example,
12 db/oct -> width = 6.62936
24 db/oct -> width = 3.31468
48 db/oct -> width = 2.20979
General Audio / Re: Is it all bull**** now?
Last post by ajinfla -
Yes!  MBL Radialstrahler.
Ok. A dealer won't know nor have the techncal understanding for those sort of details, so unsurprising the answer was nonsense.
Most dealers are themselves audiophiles, so they know nonsense, not engineering details.

I don't mean a separate "distortion management system", just how they designed the drivers.  I saw a video of how they are assembled, but not any theory info.  It's not obvious to me that those drivers are anything close to linear in their response and I've no idea what the breakup modes would be.
Well, the proof is in the pudding, there are both impedance and FR measurements to suggest that they are fairly linear and well engineered, despite the "audiophile grade" pricing. I design speakers and see nothing of concern.
If you haven't already, I would suggest a quick read of what actually matters regarding data.
How did they sound? I suspect the claim above about studio monitor "depth" was not applicable here. I know a dealer here and have heard MBL competently set up on many occasions. They sound pretty darn good to me. YMMV.
General Audio / Re: Mass file metadata/tag compare (id3, vorbis) for files on 2 partitions/HDDs ?
Last post by Roseval -
I don’t know any tool that fulfills all your requirements.
Maybe tools like can do this is this is basically about duplicates on tag level.

Another option would be to export both collections to a file and use any file comparison program.
Might be done a bit more structured e.g. import the results in a database like MS access and run some SQL to compare on specific tags.

I use a simple method.
A couple of tags crucial to me like Artist, Opus, Composition, CompositionYear I simply duplicate in Artist_Copy, etc.
After tagging any of these tags with any program I simply compare Artist with Artis_Copy, etc.
Shows me what has been changed.
If in error I copy Artist_copy back into Artist.

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