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Audio Hardware / Best earphones for Death Metal
Last post by Telepath -
Hi folks,
I will keep it short.

I am in need of new, HQ Earphones, especially for the genre of (technical) Death Metal.
As always I have all my music stored in lossless and I want to make use of it.
Atm I am using Sennheiser CX300 II in-ears, but they aren't made for lossless.
Does anyone have a good tip for me, which ones to buy?

Audio Hardware / Re: About best earphones which are durable and with lowest radiation.
Last post by andy o -
Without having tried them our guess is as good as yours. I'd go with whatever feels more comfortable for you. They're sports headphones and while those tend to be more rugged, they don't usually prioritize sound quality, especially the inexpensive ones. But that depends on what you value more. For me, as long as the sound is not completely crappy or unbalanced, I value comfort and usability more.
General Audio / Re: The difference between Windows and Linux
Last post by Telepath -
Hi folks,
I've searched the forum but didn't find an edaquate answer to my question.

Is there someone who can tell me the difference between Linux and Windows when it comes to audio quality?
I don't know if it's just placebo effect or reality, but I do think that there is a (slightly, depends) better quality on Linux in combination with good hard- and software of course.

But I want to be sure, so guys, help me with your experience and (hopefully) explanations.

There is absolutely no difference between Linux & Windows in audio quality if you do all of the audio processing yourself.  If you depend upon the internal libarires, then as they say 'Your Miliage will Vary.'    For my DolbyA compatible decoder project, I use Linux for development, and compile the user's version for Windows on a Windows' box.  

Talking about performance and responsiveness (not audio quality):
For low level, very aggressive development, Linux is a LOT faster for the developer, but for using pre-built libraries/GUI things/etc, then Windows tends to be better.  For extreme responsiveness under load -- Linux is pretty damned good.   I actually wrote the FreeBSD VM system many years ago, and because of the incredibly efficient allocation of memory resources, I could run Xwindows in 4MB (yes, MEGA, not GIGA.)  The 'unix' clones like Linux (and nowadays lesso FreeBSD) are amazing.   FreeBSD wins on low overhead for simple applications.  Windows is a big monstrosity that really needs to be pruned down to be most effiicent.
All in all -- the most important thing about performance isn't so much the OS, but the libraries, how the code is written, and the kinds of CPUs (and nowadays if you have an SSD.)

However, to answer the original question -- if all of the HW is the same, and you use EXACTLY the same code, and do all of hte processing software yourself -- Linux and Windows are the same quality.

Thank you!
So, do write it down, it isn't important if I use Windows or Linux?
I really like "deadbeef", which looks like a real lossless audio player for me.
I am currently using Windows 7 with Foobar2k, but I heard that the audiomixer for windows is shit.
Because of this I started this topic.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: WASAPI shared output (foo_out_wasapis)
Last post by jaro1 -
Great, thank you Case. Frankly, i don't know the benefits of dsound over this output component on W7up systems other than fading settings. Regarding WXP market share, dsound support could be provided as plugin and this one should be build-in..
But I understand the dsound support still provides "safe" like solution how to provide shared audio stream for the engine for most configurations. However, your component proved it's better for W7up sound driver support, at least according to my experience. 
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: External Tags
Last post by sveakul -
It seems that 1.07 has a regression:  the version info for 1.05 states "Editing external tags no longer needs to reload info from the tracks;"  however, with version 1.07 selecting a radio stream that already has an APEv2 external tag and choosing "Edit external tags" will cause a reload info operation every time before displaying the properties window.  On the same stream, just choosing "Properties" will not reload info on its own.  May have started with 1.06, but only noticed until now after going to 1.07.
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