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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_musicbrainz
Last post by marc2003 -
I've made the changes but I'm not sure when the next component release will be.
General Audio / Re: Sound "drop-outs" every ten seconds or so
Last post by Juha -
Have you checked if IRQ situation is qood?
You'll find this info by starting "Device Manager"
--> change the View type to "Resources by Type" or "Resources by Connection"
--> select option "Interrupts by Requests"
--> find the PCI devices part of the list (end of the list)

In this internet/demoing PC setup, I have to use port from USB controller located at 3B34 to get 100% clean audio from E-MU 0404 USB.

But another alternative, referring to another thread that has been posted above, I think, could be to go to the store of UMG and buy music directly there, since it seemed like these versions aren't watermarked. Is that true, or have there also been watermarked files from that store?

As far as I understand, the watermark identifies the reseller which sold the music - so there is no reseller (and for that, also no watermark??) if bought directly at the label??

If that is a marketing strategy, then sure I am not going to pay for is success ...

But I wonder: do UMG downloads pass AccurateRip? Or is it so that once UMG knows who you are and can track the download directly to you, they settle for less audible watermarks?
Support - (fb2k) / Query search retrieving bad results.
Last post by tipar -

I have a sort of problem here. I do a query search with '"album_rating" GREATER THAN 4' and I got approximately 300 songs on top of the image. Nevertheless, when I create a playlist the results include less than 4 rating albums, as for example 2'5 creating a playlist with more than 4000 songs. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Regards.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Gamepad controls
Last post by Coreda -
The only live link I could find was for the 0.0.1 version on The 0.2.0 beta version seen on the original site doesn't have any mirrors that are still alive (see the thread from years ago here).

Someone lurking may have a copy here they might like to share though.
What is the storage driver (& how is it that I don't need it ) ?
The storage driver is more likely to be at fault than the Nvidia driver. Try uninstalling it (you may not actually need it to function at all) and then reinstalling the last version.

Alternatively you could always reinstall windows or doors the free update to Windows 10.
Thank you very much for the link, I couln't find it on their website.
However, unfortunately, after downloading and installing it, and rebooted, there is no change whatsoever. This is very frustrating..
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_musicbrainz
Last post by Fladder72 -
The code that checks MBIDs are valid expects lower case characters. The first 7 begin with a capital F.

The MBIDs I've got from Picard...
Anyway, I've changed "some" MBIDs by using Mp3Tag formatting all to lower case Characters, it counts up to 217 changes...
Now foo_musicbrainz work as as expected  :)

Is it possible to make the Script work with upper and lower case characters in MBIDs?
Based on the Dell support page, I have downloaded (from them) and installed the most recent Nvidia drivers for my PC...or is there something I have missed ?
Support pages are often not kept up to date for older products.

You could try the 330M driver directly from NVIDIA:
Windows 7 32bit:
Windows 7 64bit:

EDIT: If it is an NVIDIA Optimus then you would also need to update to the latest Intel Graphics driver(compatible with your Intel HD Graphics) from: