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General Audio / Re: Questions on "loudness wars" and/or bad CD engineering - doing a FLAClibrary
Last post by j7n -
Clipping is hard to hear in a busy mix, such as in most rock music and modern pop, which is harsh due to multiple causes, chosen samples, distortion plugins, treble boost. Contemporary music is indeed not good sounding. I guess declipping shouldn't be applied by default. If the samples and total mix takes the bite of the clipping into account, restored tonal components and reduced click, for example, in drums, could radically change the balance.

I looked at Day & Age from the Killers, and there further processing and filtering has been done, and clipped samples cannot be isolated.

I will post clips from real albums that are significantly improved. Stereo Tool expands drums more, and removes all buzzing in the queen sample. It gives better results with heavy clipping. On voice and tones both tools work well, and I can't tell a difference.

In analysis, Izotope RX offers a "multi-resolution" spectrum mode, which gives good frequency resolution for bass and good time resolution for highs on the same picture. Log scale is quite usable in this mode. But it is so extremely slow that I rarely use it. An accidental roll of the mouse wheel causes the zoom to change, and the spectrogram to be rebuilt. With non-integral zoom ratios, the waveform looks fuzzy.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Can't save convert stream
Last post by Rollin -
"Abort" will save file if you enable option "Leave partial files for aborted or failed conversions" in section "Other" of Converter's settings.

But to save quality and not bloat file size it is better to record stream without re-encoding. It is not possible with fb2k's converter, but can be done with ffmpeg.
Vinyl / Re: Cleaning up needle drops: How to deal with distortion and sibilance?
Last post by Atmasphere -
If you are having sibilance problems, it could be caused by a high frequency resonance.

This is caused by the inductance of the cartridge and the capacitance of the tone arm cable.  Together the two form a high frequency tuned circuit which can be pesky if its just at or above the audio spectrum.  Using a low capacitance cable can help out, and its also a good idea to load the cartridge, since all high output moving magnet cartridges are directly affected by loading at audio frequencies.

You can find out more about this at this link:

I already dropped your inductance value in the calculator on that page. If you are using low capacitance cable, the resonant frequency is under 30KHz. If your cartridge is the 600mh version, the peak is a bit lower. I assumed 70pf  for your phono cable, but if its more than that it would drive the resonance into the upper region of the audio band.

Support - (fb2k) / Re: File operations are not sorted and it is impossible
Last post by Porcus -
Sorry for intruding a first party component topic... But @Porcus , you should be able to perform the first two actions with foo_renamer. Not as fancy as file_ops but I find it beats performing things manually.
Looks interesting, although it does not do my first item (I changed the initial capitalization of an ALBUM tag, try to "Move" and fb2k reports nothing to do, as usual). Didn't check the second :-o
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