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Is the band you are listening on Tour?

(uses api)

actual version: 0.2

Mainmenu command:
Menu | Help | Bandsintown




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looks very interesting!

would be more useful, if the data is shown in an extra panel instead of the console.
if bringing this in a nice format, i'd love to test v0.2

keep on your great work!


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Could be done with a XML parser.

There is plenty around thats BSD licensed, so that it works with your component.


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Bandsintown v0.2

ADD: xml data now in popup window

Download: see first post

Could be done with a XML parser.

not planned, but if someone want to implement this, source is available and without restrictions.


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Cool, thanks.
Reading the API now.


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i had a quick go at knocking something up in WSH panel mod using the JSON feeds. it still needs more work such as adding clickable links but it's already easier on the eye than trying to read an XML feed.



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Some times ago i made also a bandsintown-WSH Panel:

lacks a little bit on usability, but i think the idea with coordinates on world map is good...

reading data from xml in jscript was easy, in contrast xml parser (ie xerces) in c++ is simply horrible.



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I'm sure there are better XML parsers around. You could also code a standalone app in .NET and use foo_run?