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Determine Average Bitrate for Multiple FLAC files

With dbpoweramp, for MP3's, I can select several songs, right click "Properties", and go to "Audio Properties" tab provided by dbpoweramp and I'm given an "Average Bit Rate" for the selected files, for example "265 kbps".

If I do the same thing for FLAC files the "Average Bit Rate" is there but it always lists, "1,411 kbps" when I know this isn't correct.  A file that says "1,411 kbps" Audio Properties tab will show "984 kb/s" in MediaInfo, which I assume is the actual average bit rate.

I was curious if anyone is aware of any programs that will give you the average bit rate when multiple FLAC files are selected.

Re: Determine Average Bitrate for Multiple FLAC files

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foobar2000 for example.