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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Right options for downsampling with SoX Resampler
Last post by yetanotherid -
As I just started playing with the CLI version of SoX a couple of days ago, and as this thread has popped up, I thought I'd ask here. Hopefully includemeout won't mind.

This is the fb2k command line I'm using to resample audio to 16 bit, 44.1k with SoX CLI. The output extension is flac with -C 8 in the command line to set the compression level. Should I be doing anything differently? The encoder configuration is set to lossy so fb2k won't mess with the bitdepth.

--ignore-length -t wav - -b 16 -C 8 %d rate -h 44100 dither −s

And this is the fb2k command line I'm using to pipe to QAAC while applying a PAL to NTSC slowdown.

 /d /c c:\progra~1\foobar2000\encoders\SoX\sox.exe --ignore-length -t wav - -t wav -e float -b 32 - speed 0.95904095904095904095904095904096 rate -v | c:\progra~1\foobar2000\encoders\QAAC\qaac.exe --ignorelength -s --no-optimize --no-delay -V 91 -o %d -

I'm new to the SoX CLI and it's a minefield of options for a new user. Suggestions welcome....

General - (fb2k) / Re: Control system volume instead of foobar volume levels
Last post by soyo -
Your request makes no sense. Remove volume control from the UI and disable multimedia keyboard handling and your keyboard's volume buttons will alter system volume. Or alternatively use whatever volume knob your hardware has.
That's because I didn't want to write an essay as to why I need it, but get straight to it.

I'm using a remote app, that controls foobar. It can only control via slider the foobar volume, not the OS volume, but since I'm controling my volume in all the apps by the system volume, I would like to have any alteration in the volume inside that app to affect my system volume, rather than foobars volume levels. I hope that clears it up.

And just to be upfront with the follow up question, yes I do know it should rather go that the app is controling the system volume and not to change the way foobar behaves, but in this topic I was not asking about this solution.

I detest programs that change the system volume, and I detest them even more if they don't reset the volume when they're closed. Now and then I find myself wondering where the volume went while watching a video etc. Then I remember... I used "Program X" earlier and it turned the system volume down when I adjusted it's volume.
All fine and cool with me. But I did not say I want to force this on everybody. All I've asked whether there is a way to do it. That's it.
General Audio / Re: WMP Tag Plus - MPEG4, Vorbis and FLAC metadata support for WMP
Last post by Tim De Baets -
If WMP Tag Plus doesn't appear in WMP at all then that usually means that you're running the 64-bit version of WMP. My plug-ins only support the 32-bit version, which is still present on x64 Windows without any noticeable difference. So make sure that you're running C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe (and *not* the wmplayer.exe in C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player, which is 64-bit).
General - (fb2k) / Re: consecutive pipe processes as one encoder (without temp file %s)
Last post by yetanotherid -
Here's a few examples of command lines I use.

ffmpeg compressing with the DynamicAudioNormalizer and piping to QAAC.
 /d /c c:\progra~1\foobar2000\encoders\ffmpeg.exe -i - -ignore_length true -af dynaudnorm=f=150 -c:a pcm_f32le -f wav - | c:\progra~1\foobar2000\encoders\QAAC\qaac.exe --ignorelength -s --no-optimize --no-delay -V 91 -o %d -

A PAL to NTSC slowdown using SoundTouch, piped to QAAC.
 /d /c c:\progra~1\foobar2000\encoders\soundstretch.exe stdin stdout -rate=-4.09590409590409590409590409590413 | c:\progra~1\foobar2000\encoders\QAAC\qaac.exe --ignorelength -s --no-optimize --no-delay -V 91 -o %d -

A PAL to NTSC slowdown using SoX, while also applying a -74ms delay (just as an example). Resampling quality is "-v". Piped to QAAC.
 /d /c c:\progra~1\foobar2000\encoders\SoX\sox.exe --ignore-length -t wav - -t wav -e float -b 32 - trim 0.074 -0 speed 1.0427083333333333333333333333333 rate -v | c:\progra~1\foobar2000\encoders\QAAC\qaac.exe --ignorelength -s --no-optimize --no-delay -V 91 -o %d -

Fairly pointless as it is, but ffmpeg to Nero:
 /d /c c:\progra~1\foobar2000\encoders\ffmpeg.exe -i - -ignore_length true -c:a pcm_f32le -f wav - | c:\progra~1\foobar2000\encoders\neroAacEnc.exe -q 0.5 -ignorelength -if - -of %d

Fairly pointless as it is again, but ffmpeg to LAME.
 /d /c c:\progra~1\foobar2000\encoders\ffmpeg.exe -i - -ignore_length true -c:a pcm_f32le -f wav - | c:\progra~1\foobar2000\encoders\lame.exe -S --noreplaygain -V 2 - %d

The encoder is cmd.exe for each of the above. The format is lossy and the highest BPS mode supported is 32, except for SoundTouch which is 24 (possibly because I'm using an older version on XP).

It's moments like these I find myself wishing the area for entering a command line in the encoder configuration was much larger, because editing long command lines is a pain, and for me it generally involves a fair degree of trial and error to get it working initially,. It's easier to edit the command line with notepad and copy and paste the whole thing into fb2k.

I've been meaning to try eac3to, but I haven't got around to that one yet.
Validated News / Re: New releases are now shorter, is streaming overriding artistic creativity?
Last post by JabbaThePrawn -
Before CD, albums were about 40 minutes long, unless the record company stumped up for a multi-disc release.

Then, with 80 minutes available on the silver disc, some artists filled that whole extra space with music... while many others used it as a dumping ground for worthless filler so we'd think we were getting VFM.

Now, things have changed again, but this time there is freedom to release something as long or short as one likes. I've got no problem with that, whether short and sweet, or long and exploratory.
Lossless / Other Codecs / Re: TAK 2.3.1 Beta 1
Last post by includemeout -
I'm going to seize the fact this old thread has been risen from the dead to say:

Thank you Thomas @TBeck‍ ‍, for creating a CODEC with enables me to reach (unlike its other lossless competitors) bitrates lower   (~290Kbps) than the original 320Kbps-MP3 RCA Victor recordings I'd downloaded from The Web Archive and later done some sound processing in.

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: YouTube Track Manager Discussion
Last post by WilB -
Thanks for the feedback

1) Font colour: highlighted text. This seems to effect CUI not DUI. The next version should behave the same way as JSP.
2) Text vertical alignment. I noticed this a long time ago and queried it here. Essentially there are some minor differences at the pixel level between SMP & JSP. I prefer the SMP way on my machine. Changing the vertical size of the layout by 1, 2 or a few pixels might alter the rounding.
3) Line colour. It was a design choice to tone the line intensity down a little, as I thought they were a bit bright before.
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