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How to fix "Reported length is inaccurate" errors?

I have a handful of MP3 VBR files that are throwing errors in foobar2000's "Verify Integrity" utility:

Warning: Reported length is inaccurate : 4:37.147188 vs 4:37.121066 decoded
Error: MP3 decoding failure: Unsupported format or corrupted file

I've tried using foobar2000's repair facilities ("Fix VBR MP3 Header" & "Rebuild MP3 stream"), but can't get rid of these errors.  (I've also checked that the files aren't write-protected.)

Is there anything else I can try or does it matter?  Thanks.

How to fix "Reported length is inaccurate" errors?

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You can have inaccurate reported length without other errors, and you can have corrupted files without length issues. The inaccurate reported length is something I dare not touch, because doing so has screwed up gaplessness on at least one instance.

mp3packer can repack the (valid) mp3 frames without reencoding. But likely, you will get a glitch where the corruption is – there is no standard way of resolving that, so some players may sound more forgiving and others less.
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How to fix "Reported length is inaccurate" errors?

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Thanks for your reply.  I tried WinMP3Packer and it got rid of the reported error.  Just as you said, however, it introduced a new glitch into the file (a gapless concert boot).  Seems best to just leave it alone.

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