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You compare foo_ui_hacks (just a plugin which uses an unofficial API) with marijuana, and it seems that you're serious. Really funny. But I'm not going to discuss it, sorry. foo_ui_hacks exists. Period.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Ubuntu support!
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There is no doubt, that foobar2000 is a great and useful app just as bare program, coming straight from an installer. However it is obvious, that one of its main powers is plugin based, open architecture. We can suppose, that it would be carried over to Linux version. But I suppose that all 3rd party plugins would require to be rewritten, due to changes in SDK and OS environment. I don't doubt in amount of skilled programmers targeting Linux, but it may be problematic to have all biggest plugins to be ported to Linux. It all depends on private interests of programmer. This may be factor that on Linux platform could limit usability of foobar known from Windows.

This leads me to serious question to all Linux based foobar users and Linux prospective users:
What do you think about 3rd party plugins development if foobar would go native on Linux? Should we expect limited coverage of what is now possible on Windows or should we expect that Linux community would blow away what we have now on Windows?
If anybody would like to answer, please take into account not just input plugins, equalizers, convolvers, waveform seekbars, etc. but also heavy GUI customizations, like WSH panel mod, JScript panels, Columns UI and its various dedicated extensions and all other highly graphic modifications that are available under Windows.
Audio Hardware / Re: need good cable for line out ->amply
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I am amazed that stereo magazines still persist in joining the great cable scam, reinforcing the idea that spending $$$$$$$$'s on cables will transform sound. As has been pointed out, there are valid reasons why you may need to consider gauge for some cables. Personally I do think it is worth paying for cables with decent connectors and insulation but that is about durability and reliability, not sound quality and the cost uplift is trivial. I've found Belkin cables to be more than adequate, the Belkin cables I've bought have never had to be replaced and have been good, solid cables bought for modest cost.
I do wonder how some hifi journalists can sleep at night, one of the HiFi mags on sale in the UK this month reviews a £500 power cable and recommends it, yes the thing that comes free of charge with electrical equipment with a plug at one end and connector into the equipment at the other end of a short cable. Not once have I ever needed to replace one of the cables that has been supplied with equipment, in fact I've accumulated the things as I have an awful habit of keeping the cables when I throw out kettles and what not when they die. The idea that this item can transform sound is ludicrous, and the idea that paying £500 for it is completely bonkers yet magazines are still not only swallowing this nonsense but have the nerve to recommend them to readers. These people must be shameless.
I don't discuss if plugin is good or bad. It is banned and recommending such plugin, especially in this forum is a bad idea. No matter how useful it might be. So within a range of non banned solutions, using ESC for minimalization is not available.
You know, we can also discuss marihuana. It has several positive aspects, several negative, it is better solution than alcohol in most cases, but it doesn't change its official status - marihuana is illegal. In practice no one can stop you from using it, but you shouldn't recommend it in public and you shouldn't publicly declare that you use it. Same applies to banned plugins.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Feature Request - Audio Captions
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As far as I get here there are no flags that topic is solved :-)
Regarding desktop version of foobar I think you are partially wrong - you can try it on Linux using Wine 2. There are users in this forum, that report that foobar works great under Linux with Wine.

yeah, double-click on panel changes from "bio %artist%" to "album-review %artist% + %album%" and reverse.
if not possible, then an extra script

first, a way to overwrite %artist% (remap %artist%) would be very good. with this you could correct different spellings.

Learned something new about the 4 band expander (pseudo-DolbyA) expander design.  I had noticed a certain harshness in the decoded output -- heard that problem before, but didn't add two and two together.   Whenever one does an expand or AGC compress, there are interesting (and often unpleasant) modulation products produced.    First note, I don't have an entire DolbyA scehmatic, and simply assumed that the outputs of each band were just summed together) which they might still be.  However, whenever doing a compression (especially something close to a 2:1 type compression or more with moderatly fast attack/release times), there are significant intermod products produced.   So, if you have two signals -- perhaps at 1000Hz and 1030Hz -- youll get 30Hz in the output.   Normally, in my compressors and expanders, I tend to remove as much of those products as possible.  I didn't do so in my 4 band expander, because I had assumed that there might be no 'high pass filter' after each band IN THE ENCODER/COMPRESSOR to remove those products.  I suspect that there is indeed SOME high pass filtering that might help to remove some of the products.  Alas -- in my expander I had NO removal of the products except for a rather rough 12Hz type HPF (to basically remove most stuff below 20Hz.)  I was using only a singular HPF in the previous version of the code for the total/full/wideband output.

So, I kept on hearing this 'rough' sound (esp in groups like ABBA -- where the voices do tend to intermodulate) and using that group as source material has been one of my personal audio tests.  This 'rough' sound has been worse than what I desire -- then finally eureka -- I suspect that it is possible that DolbyA (or other compressors used in the source material) is definitely doing a least a minor amount of HPF on each channel.

So, as a gross experiment, I added a 2 stage each of single pole HPF of approx 12Hz, 60Hz, 1kHz, 3kHz for each of the 0-80Hz, 80-3k, 3k-20k (or 3k-9k -- depending on where it is in the circuit) and 9k-20k directly on the outputs of each of the bands individually.  This will help to keep most of the intermod that is created below each of the above bands attenuated to some extent.  The worst intermod appears in the 0-100Hz range, and that is obliterated in the two higher bands, and MUCH of the intermod produced by expanding the 80-3k range is also removed.   I am doing nothing about the intra band intermod for this case (that is a more difficult problem, and less of an audible issue, but still can be important), but that intermod would definitely exist also in the compressed (encoded) version and some amount of cancellation can be beneficial (alas -- tape might have too many phase prolbems for the cancellation to be complete.)
Anyway -- some of the additional intermodulation artifacts have indeed been removed, and there seems to be a noticeable improvement.  In the past, I have definitely measured the artifacts, but would be of minimal benefit in this case since I don't have a DolbyA to experiment with -- but that is not important right now since I am not selling anything.   All I can definitely say is that there is now an improvement, and the 4 band expander DOES improve some (most) commercial material that I have processed.  (I do NOT attribute that to DolbyA encoding, but rather a lot of compression being left in commercial music.)  I have a much more flexible expander that shows the DolbyA parameters for expansion to be helpful, but do NOT do all possible to improve most commercial materials.
So -- the good & useful news -- especially for those in the future who are developing (esp mutliband) compressors/expanders -- make sure that you have mitigated the LF side of the intermod produced by any gain control mixing with the audio signal.  Even I have just got caught by that issue -- and I have been aware of that problem for years!!!

John Dyson
I second A_Man_Eating_Duck's opinion.

Disk Space is cheap these days. I've regret many times not backing up my CD collection properly. Now, most of my CDs are dead.

"Dead"?  How did you kill them?

I have CDs dating back to the first generation of releases on the format, that still play fine.

Of course they're all backed up to FLAC too.

Mostly CD Rot:

You mean to add a search for an %artist% - %album%  that is playing or currently selected
I'm mixing the two because mobile is only version of foobar2000 I have access to. I do not have a Microsoft Windows system. I am strictly CentOS 7 and Android.

I get that the Android version of Foobar2000 can not have plugins, that's okay - I still am very appreciative that it plays .mka out of the box and correctly interprets the tags.

With the desktop version that I can not try, since it seems that plugins for timed lyrics handle .SRT streams in a .mka file - then the feature I am asking for is already available via a plugin.

As such, nothing needs to be done.

Thank you for your time and I apologize for the confusion.

If it is possible to mark this topic solved, how do I do so?