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Hooray! It was fixed!

...and I think by around -110 dB, there's hardly anything at all to be heard.
I suggested an experiment to someone recently, and you might find it enlightening too...
Or Audible Dynamic Range Sound Test @ full scale pink noise interleaved with ever quieter voice saying current loudness.

Or the version without noise (scroll one page down and play "16-bit • The Original" sample).
objectively it performs better with higher impedance loads (see the bottom of the page: ) but even at its worst it performs very well and is beyond transparency. i've used it for about a year with the hifiman 400i and didn't notice any problems.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Sort album list by folder/location?
Last post by PeteG -

This should work as well
Code: [Select]
$if($stricmp($left(%path%,1),F),Laptop Music,External Music)|
as in
Code: [Select]
$if($stricmp($left(%path%,1),F),Laptop Music,External Music)|%<artist>%|%album%|[[%discnumber%.]%tracknumber%. ][%track artist% - ]%title%
See screenshot.

Replace the 'F' with the relevant drive letter on the laptop
External comes before Laptop (Xternal doesn't)
You can't get rid of the 'All Music' label
You can't get rid of the item counter
You may also want to experiment with the $directory(path,n) function
As always: Consult
Audio Hardware / Xonar Essence STX and Planar headphones?
Last post by F4ng -
Hi, first time posting here!

Please be nice to me :)

I know that this card can drive high ohms dynamic headphones really well, but what about low ohms planars?

Can it drive, say, Mr Speaker's AEON (15 ohms planar, as measured by Tyll from Innerfidelity), just as well?

I'm looking to buy this headphones as it gets loud enough from my HTC10 without needing an amp, so no need for bulky accessories. I will also use it at home with the Xonar, of course.

I don't really know much about this kind of stuff, as I just buy any headphones that I like and can get loud enough without obvious artifacts, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much!

Hi everyone,

I have recently renovated my media and computer room. After that, I noticed that my speakers produced very much bass suddenly, which I attributed to their new placement. I couldn't figure out what exactly caused this, but I also didn't want to reposition all furniture and put them in their old positions, so I decided to look for cheap and easy ways to reduce bass.

I found many threads on coupling-decoupling techniques and decided to try that. First, I bought small pads of 5cm thick hard foam to place beneath the speakers, the rest of the material I taped to the wall right behind the bass-reflex openings of the speakers. Then I also bought four heavy natural stone tiles and eight small metal spikes with drive-in nuts for a few bucks from the hardware store (since my speakers did not come with spikes).

I drilled the nuts into the corners on the bottom of the speaker cases, screwed in the spikes, put the speakers on the stone tiles and that whole package onto the foam pads. What can I say? The difference is unbelievable (for a sub-20€ mod, that is) - much cleaner bass response and less rumbling.

However, I was trying to figure out how to position the speakers with the spikes correctly and just could not get it to work. I used four spikes in the beginning, since expensive speakers usually come with four and you can only buy sets of four, but since the bottom of the speakers and the tiles are not 100% flat, even by slightly releasing one of the spikes, I could not make them absolutely stable. Worse, when one or two of the spikes were slightly loose to balance the weight and the speaker moved only by a nanometer, the spikes would begin to rattle, because one of them would not be on the ground.

Then, I got the idea to remove both spikes in the back and instead place one at the center of the back edge. That way, the spikes underneath form a triangle and all of them are still solid on the ground if it's slightly uneven. No more problems, all spikes can be screwed in tightly, the speakers are still perfectly stable and there's direct coupling to the stone tiles.

I wonder why even more expensive speakers have four spikes instead of three, because even if your base is "perfectly flat", there are irregularities that you can't see and if you accidentally move your speaker just a little, the balance might be completely off. Using one less spike and saving the money seems to solve the issue completely without sacrificing much stability either. (Except if the speakers have a very odd form factor or the spikes are too close together.)

Just wanted to share this with others who are interested in trying the same thing. Save yourself two spikes and nuts, if necessary.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: R128Norm
Last post by rizukitomi -
@kode54 is there a chance you make standalone app for this dsp ?
I ask because I've been using this dsp for conversion in foobar, I've never use it as live dsp.
Scientific Discussion / Re: Hybrid IEM
Last post by lélé -

Thank you for your feedback.

I do appreciate a slight bass emphasis when listening to music with headphones or IEMs (not with speakers), but I am not looking for an 'atomic unbloated bass'. I am far from a 'basshead'. ;)

What surprised me with the 'hybrid' IEMs I tested (Orivety New Primacy) is that the bass seemed to sound noticeably 'different'. Not louder, just 'different'.
Yesterday I tried do play with Neutralizer EQ (advised on another topic, thanks!) and bass still seemed to sound noticeably different (not louder) than with the BA IEM at my disposal.

There is nothing scientific in the method, for sure, and I do know that a lot of parameters comes into play. Plus impressions can be extremely misleading.
Nevertheless, I was wondering if frequency response apart a dynamic driver bass could (or not) sound audibly different, for example due to temporal aspects (ex. decay).

As for isolation, I can only agree.
The ONP do have a vent hole and sound isolation seems lesser than the other IEM with similar tips.
That maybe due to other factors by the way...or just a false impression. I have nothing to measure it...

Which CIEM manufacturers did you have in mind?

Support - (fb2k) / Re: Sort album list by folder/location?
Last post by Porcus -
You can get at least nearly there. Try the following.

Go to Preferences -> Album List.
See the "Views" window and the buttons underneath? Click "Add new".
Give it a name you like, e.g., uselessladder-sortorder
In the code, enter for example the following - you do not want this, the text is to explain what happens:
Code: [Select]
$left(%path%,3) %album artist% will be expandable, click the plus to see whatever is after the pipe sign | released in [%date%] the album %album%
Then select the "uselessladder-sortorder": in your screenshots, it is just above the "Playback stopped" in the lower left corner.

Now you can customize the code. You do not want the text, but now you know what the pipe means. E.g.,
Code: [Select]
$left(%path%,3) %album artist% | %date%  %album%
will have letter with colon and slash (because of the "3") and album artist, then expand it and you get the date (question marks if no date, those are removed by putting %date% in brackets as [%date%], and album title.

If you want the literal "Laptop Music" in place of "C:\", then I think a $replace would do, but I am not sure. But at least the above will get you the C:\ before the E:\
..You made your point clear enough.
I did, thanks. When someone else comes in and keeps replying with no proof of absolutely anything then that's trolling by not adding anything to the topic other than to be argumentative.
How can the OP (me) be a troll when I made a genuine request for a change.