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Support - (fb2k) / Re: ReplayGain on Opus files
Last post by Seymour -
Rolled back more, to v. 1.3.14.
The same situation.
Experimentally found out that Preferences : Advanced : Tagging : Opus : Header gain option was "Use Track Gain", switched to "Leave null". The playback is still as without RG info. Good news: scan runs with stable and correct result now. Bad news: Waveform Minibar (Mod) still shows low-level graph.Some more manipulations, and the waveform has normal level now.

UPD: switched back to v. 1.3.17. ReplayGain seems to function OK with Opus now. Remained "Leave null" option for mentioned parameter.
Head-spinning issue related to small preferences option.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Embed midi channels
Last post by Zip -

Anyway to embed a couple midi channels into a wav file using fubar2000 3rd party midi plugin?
Or to sync a .wav to a .mid?   Possibly a new fumat:-)

I do this sonar but hate their playlist view for live performance. (unstable and few options)
All I want to do is run a few midi CCs over two or three channels in-sync with the audio.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Support - (fb2k) / Re: ReplayGain on Opus files
Last post by Seymour -
Version 1.3.15 does the same. I discovered that RG info being not read and Opus files are considered as files without RG info.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_random_pools
Last post by bronzi -
Hi, I'm having a couple of issues and am hoping someone might have a tip or two.

I've created a random pool to add a random album to a playlist, which seems to be a common use of this component. It was working well for a while, but now whenever I add an album it is pre-shuffled (see image).
It only happens in this context--in all other playlists and filters album tracks are in their proper numerical order.
Any idea why this might happen?
I've tried re-creating the pool, and I've also tried adjusting Playlist Attribute parameters to no avail (thinking it might be causing the issue).
I've attached images of my random pool and playlist attribute settings.

Secondary question:
Is there a way to make the random album auto-play when its added to the playlist?

FLAC / Re: Upsampling 44.1->88.2, 48->96
Last post by Pashketan -
Adobe Audition
FLAC / Re: Upsampling 44.1->88.2, 48->96
Last post by pdq -
Indeed, it will not improve the sound, and in fact will add a small amount of noise. Plus it will make your files much larger.
FLAC / Re: Upsampling 44.1->88.2, 48->96
Last post by Apesbrain -
There is no point to this.
FLAC / Upsampling 44.1->88.2, 48->96
Last post by xje -
I understand that my dac-amp can probably benefit from higher sampled input. I don't believe my device upsamples my audio from 44.1 to 88.2.

DBPoweramp (seems faithfully) to produce FLAC. Is there a plug-in or software to which I can boost this 16/44.1 to 16/88.2, or even 24/88.2 without introducing bad data. Some audio is 48khz, looking for a way to extrapolate 96 from it too.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Foobar Stuttering/lagging ... issue
Last post by kode54 -
Possible explanation: I've found Asus's sound cards to be quite crappy. Bad drivers, bad sound chip, and big problems. They're highly sensitive to DPC latency (check with LatencyMon), and also have poor circuit isolation. I tried my front panel connection with them, and unlike my onboard audio, they had noticeable crosstalk between the front microphone and the front headphone output.