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Audio Hardware / Sony A30 / A40 Series Playlist question
Last post by J@CKY -

I am not sure it is the right place to ask this. But I am having difficulties when using playlists with my Sony A45.

I tried not to use Sony's proprietary software as it is clunky and lack of features. So I chose to use foobar2k to handle my music collection. I created some m3u8 playlists, saved them in the MUSIC\Playlist\ directory.  They work and was able to play tracks on the Sony Walkman.  But I am unable to edit/update the playlist on the Walkman.  Whenever I choose a track and try to add it to playlist, it tells me 'Could not update playlist'

Does anyone has experience with Sony A30/A40 series with Foobar and playlists?

MP3 / Re: How to encode CD # in track tags (EAC/LAME)
Last post by StarSword -
Thanks for that. Replaced the whole string up to %source% with -b320.  (I know it's probably not going to give a significant improvement in quality, but memory's considerably cheaper than it was ten years ago.)

Why not just go lossless? Not only is transcoding not an issue then, but also you can verify (and with CUETools, sometimes even repair) lossless rips later, and hard drives are not expensive anymore.
Device compatibility. I do most of my listening on my cell phone at work, and sometimes at home on a networked audio system.  FLAC maybe provides fractionally better sound but MP3 works in more places.
General Audio / Re: Why wasn't there ever a VHS based consumer audio format?
Last post by Nikaki -
For what it's worth, "metal class" cassette tapes recorded from CD on a good deck sounded pretty good to me. Most cassette releases of albums came on chrome tape and didn't sound too good. But when buying metal cassettes and recording from CD, the results were very good, even without using dolby noise reduction. Downside was that metal cassettes were quite expensive compared to normal or chrome ones, so I usually only had a few of them that I recorded over when I was a kid.

I don't think it would take much these days to come up with a true "HD" analog cassette format, since they did come quite close already in the 90's, right before cassette went out of fashion. Obviously there's no actual point in doing so these days, but you know, cassette was IMO way better than most people thought they are. It seems the majority of people just didn't get to experience good cassettes and mostly had the crappy ones, as that's what record labels were selling. If you record from CD on a good deck on a good metal grade cassette, I pretty much guarantee you're in for a big surprise.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by NIN9 -
I have troubles using external ffmpeg from zeranoe builds win32 shared.
Have own directory for each component.

14:05:23, [warning] could not load external ffmpeg: C:\Users\NIN9\Portables\foobar2000\libs\avutil-lav-56.dll: 56.15.100 > 56.0.0
14:05:23, ffmpeg: lavf 57.71.100, lavc 57.89.100, lavu 55.58.100 (internal)
14:05:23, VSFilter (external)
14:05:23, LAV Filters: LAV Splitter (external)
14:05:23, LAV Filters: LAV Video (external)
14:05:23, libcurl/7.59.0 WinSSL zlib/1.2.11 (external)
Lossless / Other Codecs / Re: TAK 2.3.1 Beta 1
Last post by CoRoNe -
- Replaced MMX with SSE2 assembly.
Code: [Select]
CHKCPU32.exe /V | find "extensions"
 Instr set extensions: MMX, 3DNow!, SSE
Code: [Select]
Takc_2.3.0.exe -te -pMax test_sample.wav
test_sample.wav ..........  42.41%   15*

Compression:     42.41 %
Duration:       160.63 sec
Speed:           15.24 * real time

Takc_2.3.1b1.exe -te -pMax test_sample.wav
test_sample.wav ..........  42.41%    5*

Compression:     42.41 %
Duration:       453.33 sec
Speed:            5.40 * real time
Polls / Re: 2018 Format poll [Lossy Formats]
Last post by eahm -
I don't really use any lossy codec on a regular basis. I only use FLAC but I have few MP3 albums for music I yet have to find in lossless (hard to find Italian CDs in USA) and when I convert for my wife's iTunes I use AAC.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Columns UI
Last post by mzso -

What's the state of Columns UI these days? I see lots of commits on github for this year and 2017, but no releases whatsoever. The latest is still from 2016.
Why is this? What is this about?
Digital A/V News / Re: AV1 got released! (2018-03-28)
Last post by arkhh -
Why even release if they're not even done with it yet?

It was more of a press release than the codec being finished. The engineers keep changing the spec... but someone must have decided  they wanted it ready for NAB last week.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: CaTRoX (QWR Edition): fb2k theme
Last post by TheQwertiest -
BTW, my To-Do list is:
  • Disc header rows - maybe special case of Row, or a new DiscHeader object, can't decide yet - actually I've wanted to implement it myself =)
  • Caching artwork on playlist refresh to avoid reloading images - the idea is nice, but it all depends on the implementation (I'm not a fan of quick and dirty solutions =) )
  • playlist_info to bottom of window - I might hate how this ends up looking - this won't be compatible with my theme's looks, so that's a no

To avoid spamming up this thread, are you interested in the first three at all? It might be a little hard for me to do PRs in github since I've changed a few things that I know you DON'T want in the main branch, but I can at least open issues and share code snippets there if you prefer. I can also continue pasting stuff here if you like, or just STFU. :) Let me know what you want.
New feature suggestions or suggestions about modifying the existing ones are fine here, I think.
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