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Wiki: Management and Export/Dump

Hi all,
I've used the HydrogenAudio wiki as a resource for a long time as it is a fantastic source of information, much of which is unavailable elsewhere or else hard to find, and I recently registered on the wiki to begin editing articles and performing maintenance/clean up. I love the wiki, but it appears that there aren't many people actively working on maintaining and cleaning it up. The process of registering on the wiki and on the forum and then asking for editing rights is a good thing as it keeps the spambots from actually adding spam, but there are still dozens of spam accounts being created. Currently there are ten admins but it doesn't seem like much administrative work is being done. I do not have tons of free time to work on the wiki, but I try to edit when I have time, and I would love the opportunity to perform more administrative maintenance (such as deleting the accounts of all the spam users). I have a lot of experience on Wikipedia (see my user page there as well as my contributions) and have spent a considerable amount of time editing articles, working with templates, fighting spam and vandalism, working with categories, collaborating with other editors, etc. There does not seem to be much activity on the wiki at this point and I would love to work with anybody else interested in improving it and ensuring it continues to be a helpful, current, and relevant resource.

I also wanted to inquire about database dumps: where they are located, who has access to them, or if any dumps have been made at all. I recently started using WikiTaxi, and making a database dump of articles available would allow users to keep a copy of the wiki for offline use. It would also allow users to keep a backup of the current state of the wiki in case the site goes down or for any other reason becomes unavailable.


Wiki: Management and Export/Dump

Reply #1
1) what kind of privileges are you missing to do the work you want to do? - except deleting accounts.
2) How do you propose to detect which are spam accounts? We get more than 20 per day. Deleting manually doesn't seem feasible. I have been unable to find a way to stop the accounts from being created. Requiring reCaptcha on signup did little to limit this problem. In the end it doesn't matter that much as they can't do anything.
3) dumps are usually only made in connecting with software updates (that is rarely done anymore due to compatibility issues with php between the wiki and the forum) and we don't make them available. I am pretty sure the demand for that is extremely limited and would require more work on the part of the administration.

I am happy to discuss any initiative to make the wiki as useful as possible and to aid willing souls to contribute. So please do try to convince me if I we can do something a bit smarter.